Medium Bars: Long-lasting Dental Chews For Medium Dogs

Medium Bars: Long-lasting Dental Chews For Medium Dogs
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The long-lasting natural dog chews are perfect to keep your medium-sized breeds munching away. The ideal treats to help say goodbye to plaque and tartar and keep breath fresh for more licks and kisses.

Save your furniture and shoes by giving your doggos some Dogsee Chew’s long-lasting natural dog chews. Give them one of these extra hard and healthy dental chews and see them chewing away to glory. The treats come from the finest cheese from the Himalayas, smoke-dried for 35 days for extra hardness. If plaque and tartar is your dog’s enemy, these are one of the best dental chews for dogs to fight them. The rich flavor also helps freshen up their breath.

Key Benefits

  • Long-lasting so helps your dog chew for a longer time.
  • Extra hard so helps manage plaque and tartar.
  • Helps keep breath fresh.

The simple 3-ingredient recipe includes:


A dash of lime.

A pinch of salt.

Crude Protein: Min 59.2%

Crude Fat: Min 5.2%

Moisture: Max 10%

Fiber: Max 5.9%


  • Healthier substitutes to rawhides, antlers, and bully sticks - These Himalayan treats are 100% natural and high in nutrition (59.2% protein and 5.2% fat) which makes them ideal substitutes to rawhides. Being completely free from preservatives, they are in stark contrast to the unhealthy rawhides which are processed with harmful chemicals. These treats become soft on chewing on them, so they’re good for your dog’s teeth and gums, as compared to antlers. Also, unlike the unpleasant tasting bully sticks, the rich, cheesy flavor of the treats is a welcome change.
  • What to do with the end pieces - Don’t want the end pieces to go to waste? Heat them for 30-40 seconds at a high temperature, let them cool fully and then serve them to your dog.  

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