Soft Training Treats for dogs

Pet parents always ask for the best tips and tricks to train their puppy and here is the magic answer: start training them early! Your pups training should start the minute you bring them home because once your puppy starts getting used to a certain behavior, it’ll be a hassle to reset the behavior. 


Puppy training is like raising a baby. When you come home with a newborn child, you start feeding them, and teaching them all the essential behavior right off the bat because once they hit a certain age, the behavior just sticks and it’s that much harder to wean them off. Puppies are the same way. Once they hit the 1 year mark, they already have set behaviors - doesn’t mean they will be untrainable, it just means it will require more time and patience from you. 


We understand that the task of puppy training can seem overwhelming, but don’t worry, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about training so you can feel 100% confident and prepared.