Milky goodness is the answer! Dogsee Chew treats are made from pure Himalayan milk. The cheese obtained from this milk, called Churpi, has been consumed by people living in the Himalayan belt for centuries. The cheese is made with 99.9% milk, using very small amounts of lime juice and salt. This cheese is smoke and sun-dried to give it that extra hardness and flavor. There you go, you have the perfect treat!.

These treats are sourced from the Himalayan foothills.

All Dogsee Chew treats have the following composition:

  • Crude Protein: Min 59.2%

  • Crude Fat: Min 5.2%

  • Moisture: Max 10%

  • Fiber: Max 5.9%

Our treats are smoked and sun-dried to give them extra hardness for your little one. The color variation you see in the treats is due to the difference in heat exposure. You can be assured that this in no way hampers the taste or quality of our products.

All our treats are natural, healthy, preservative-free as well as grain and gluten-free. We strive to provide your little ones with nothing but the best. As compared to other alternatives available in the market, Dogsee treats are a healthier and a better option. The quality of our ingredients and their benefits justify the price.

Dogsee Chew treats are available for dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds. Our hard bar range comes in three different sizes that can be given to dogs accordingly. Our Puffed Treats ie. Puffies, Puffy Bars and Crunchies are soft and crunchy treats that are ideal for puppies, senior dogs and can also be used as training treats.

The lactose content in Dogsee Chew products is less than 1 gm per 100 gm. Even with the low amount of lactose content, we recommend not feeding your little one our products if they are lactose intolerant.

No, it cannot be given as a meal. These treats should be seen as a supplement to their diet.

You don’t necessarily have to supervise your dog when they are munching on a Dogsee treat. However, it is a good practice to always keep an eye on them while they chew on anything. Don’t worry if your dog swallows the treat. These treats are totally digestible and won’t disrupt your dog’s digestive system.

After opening the product, you can store the product in a cool and dry place. If your little one has already chewed into it and you want to give it later, all you have to do is clean it with a dry cloth and store it. We recommend that you place it on a counter or in a cupboard allowing it to air-dry. Refrigerating is not recommended as this will result in moisture loss and will cause the chew to become brittle and crack.

All you have to do is microwave the end pieces for a time period of 30-40 seconds till the treat puffs up. Observe the heating process to ensure that it doesn’t overheat. Give it to your dog after it cools, and watch them happily munch on them.

Absolutely! Churpi or Himalayan cheese is great for dogs as they are high in protein and low in fat. They do not contain grains or gluten, and are free of preservatives. What's more?. These cheese bars are great in maintaining dental hygiene in dogs and act as a supplement to their diet as well. The best part of this cheese is that it comes from the Himalayan cows, who feed on the grass, medicinal herbs and pure waters of the Himalayas.

How long depends on your dog, their size and the strength of your dog's jaws and teeth. However, it generally takes about 20 minutes for dogs to finish up one Dogsee Chew Bar. One treat per day is recommended. However, if it suits your pet, it can be increased from one to two per day.

Rawhides are the by-product of the leather industry. Thus, they are full of chemicals that are unhealthy for your little ones in every possible way. They swell up in the stomach causing gastrointestinal distress. They are indigestible and provide your dog with no nutritional benefits. Whereas, Dogsee Chew treats are 100% natural treats imbued with nutrients, are digestible, are free from chemicals of any form and also from animal by-products. Not only do they aid in maintaining dental health in dogs, but also act as a supplement to their diet.

A sealed packet has a shelf life of 3 years. Once opened, the product can be consumed for up to 2 years.

We use Food Grade silica gel in our packets to keep the chews free from contamination. As humidity is one of the biggest culprits in food contamination, the food grade silica gel helps absorb about 40% more moisture than its own size and weight. Please ensure that the gel is away from your dogs reach.

No, we do not. However, you can buy combo packs of 3 and 5 from our website.

Ans- Apart from, we also sell our products on Amazon.

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