Dogsee Crunch

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Some more treats, please.

As Dogsee Chew became popular, many pet parents sought more from nature to treat their dogs. Instantly, we thought of fruits and veggies. But how to avoid the fuss and messiness while eating them? The simple answer was to get freeze dried dog treats! With this, Dogsee Crunch came into existence. Fresh, tasty, and crunchy treats without any additives and preservatives. And there you go, you have healthy snacks for dogs, filled with the goodness of nature that both dogs and parents will love. Woof!

Some more treats, please.

Home Delivering Nature to Dogs

Fruity goodness at your doorstep

Fruity goodness at your doorstep

Apple of our eyes


Nutrients retained

Real fruits/veggies and nothing else



Grain and Guten-Free


Training Treats

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