Dogsee Chew

Best Cheese Treats For Your Dog

Handcrafted From the Himalayas

How it all started

It began when on a trek to Ilam, Nepal and found stray dogs feeding on leftover Churpi, an ancient Himalayan recipe and usually consumed by humans. Because of the Churpi they got from the houses, the dogs were healthy, full of energy and had shiny coats. This made Bhupi realise that Churpi was the perfect, tasty and cow and yak chews for dogs. He decided to make these gluten-free dog treats available to dogs across the globe, and thus Dogsee Chew was born.

Our cheesy journey

What makes our cheese delicious

What makes our cheese delicious

Apple of our eyes

100% Natural


Human Grade


Grain & Gluten-Free

Calcium and Protein-Rich

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