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Healthy Himalayan Yak chews

The Beginning

Having been raised in the Himalayas, Bhupi, our founder, has a deep connection with the mountain life. The purity of the air, water, and food and the simplicity of life are inimitable.

Creating Dogsee is an ode to this pristine Himalayan life that Bhupi has lived and cherished.

Bringing the Himalayas to your Dogs

Having seen first-hand how dogs thrive on Himalayan Yak milk Chews, Bhupi realised that there was no healthier treat for your furballs. Thus, he set off to work and created Dogsee's range of Himalayan Cheese Dog treats. These Himalayan Yak chews are sourced from cows and yaks that drink the pristine Himalayan waters, breathe the pure Himalayan air, and graze on the grass of this land, all of which are known to have medical properties.

Dogsee chew hard bars

Himalayan Treats for Dogs

Dogsee chew's range of 100% natural Himalayan Cheese Dog Chews have two kinds of products.

Dogsee Chew Hard Bars- long lasting dental chews for dogs

Hard Bars

The Hard Bars are extremely long lasting in addition to being super healthy. This not only helps get rid of plaque and tartar, improving their dental health, but also keeps them engaged for long hours.

Dogsee Chew Soft Bars ideal for puppies and senior dogs

Puffed Treats

The Puffed treats are soft and crunchy, ideal for puppies and senior dogs who need softer treats on their teeth and gums. These Himalayan Yak Milk Chews are full of nutrition and rich in Himalayan goodness.

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