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Dental Treats Combo

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It's time to give your pooches the perfect gift with this thoughtfully picked selection of dental chew treats combo. The all-natural, nutrient-rich treats include:

  • Medium Dogsee Hard Bar
  • Medium Turmeric Hard Bar
  • Medium Coconut Singles
  • Medium Carrot Singles

It’s the ideal dental chew treat combo for your furry friends.

Dogsee medium bars

These vegetarian dog treats last a long time and are ideal for your dog’s chew time. These vegan dog treats are excellent for preventing tartar and plaque and the richness of the flavor keeps their breath fresh.

Turmeric medium bars

Give your dog some goodness of turmeric to boost their immunity and overall health. These mouthwatering Himalayan dental cheese treats keep your dog's teeth clean and breath fresh while supporting stronger immunity and joint health.

Coconut Singles

Dogsee Singles Coconut Bars are made from real coconuts that have been fat-separated. As a result, these tasty and nutritious hard bars are even better for your pooch. Your dog's gut will stay healthy if they chew on these coconut bars.

Carrot Singles

Dogsee Singles Carrot Bars provide your dog with a calcium-rich hard bar that has a real carrot taste, along with added immunity and eye health benefits.


  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Samay Patel
     3 months ago

    We purchased this dental combo for Brownie (our 4-year-old Labrador) to chew on because she had itchy teeth, and we are so happy with it because it gives her a variety of tasty treats to choose from.

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Simran Bajaj
     3 months ago

    Bought this combo with different chew treats and it comes in so handy that now our doggo has a different chew bar in every corner of the house.

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Naina Sharma
     3 months ago

    3 weeks back our german shepherd doggo had bad breath and that's why bought this combo, fast forward to today his breath has improved so much. Great choice of treats.

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Sodi Singh
     3 months ago

    Very well thought combo. Very useful!

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

     3 months ago

    If you are looking for a hassle free one time buy of chew treats then this is a great deal as it cover all the right treats.

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