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Puffies: Bite-Sized Dog Training Treats

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These soft dog training treats are the best dog treats in India! They are also low in fat, helping your little one manage their weight.

Make your training sessions with your little one way more fun and rewarding with Dogsee Chew’s best dog treats. Handcrafted and sourced from the Himalayas, these cheesy soft dog treats are smoked and sun-dried to perfection for over 35 days to achieve the right flavour and texture. When heated, these treats become crunchy, making them the best puppy training treats. These easy-to-feed, bite-sized treats with their scrumptious cheesy flavor will make your furry baby go gaga over them. The best dog treats in terms of nutrition, these treats are high in protein, thus providing energy, and are low in fat, to help maintain the doggo's weight.

Key Benefits

  • High in protein which helps in providing energy.
  • Low fat which helps in weight management.
  • They serve as ideal dog training treats.

The simple 3-ingredient recipe includes:

Milk. A dash of lime. A pinch of salt.

Crude Protein: Min 59.2% Crude Fat: Min 5.2% Moisture: Max 10% Fiber: Min 5.9%

Ideal as dog training treats - Now you can make your training sessions more fun and guilt-free with Puffies. With a high-protein (59.2%) and low-fat (5.2%) nutrient profile, these training treats help maintain your pups weight and provide energy.


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  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Chandrahas Kumar
     4 months ago

    Very reasonable price, good stuff, timely delivery, prompet service fresh product over all very good deal.

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Abhishek Dua
     4 months ago

    Smells good. Both my dogs eat it with great relish. My dogs are very happy.

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Shreya Kwatra
     4 months ago

    superb quality, nothing to get doubt, just go for it, i will order once again when the product gets finished. And by the way packaging is awesome

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Chetna Singh
     4 months ago

    Value for money. Delivery boy was polite and good in behaviour. Packing was good. My dog likes the food very much.

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Sunkavalli Mounica
     4 months ago

    The food is best than the all food in the market I have tried more the 4 company of pet food it have been wasted. This food is loved by my Dog the peace has been not wasted food is very good

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Sakamuri Gopika
     4 months ago

    My doggy just love's it 🥰 Finishes entire bowl

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Purva Bhatia
     4 months ago

    Overall I am using it for an year now. I trust it blindly when it comes to health and happiness of my Labrador.

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Trisha Puri
     4 months ago

    My dog loves this flavour and the packaging and everything is just perfect thank you so much.

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Pawan Kumar Singh
     4 months ago

    My all 5 Dogs love it so much. And that’s the reason I love reordering this product.

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Devi Varun Gedela
     4 months ago

    Early delivery, and product is also upto the mark. No contact delivery was done. My Labra loves it. Completely satisfied...

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Saikat Bhattacharjee
     4 months ago

    My dog love the flavour. Worth spending money on. Happy dog happy me.

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Sangeetha Santhosh
     4 months ago

    Good product and pkd date which is mentioned it’s only one month before current month. Which is all customer needs no old stuck. My dogs love it