Puffy Bars Super Saver Pack: Soft Dental Treats For Senior Dogs

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Easily digestible, these treats fight plaque and tartar. They are specifically designed for senior dogs. These rich, chewy treats are puffed to perfection so your senior doggo can enjoy treat time too.

Whether they’re young or old, a dog’s favorite time is treat time. Now, with treats puffed to perfection, your senior doggo can enjoy the good times too! Made with 100% natural ingredients and handcrafted in the Himalayas, Dogsee Chew’s Puffy Bars are smoked and sun-dried for over 35 days to reach the perfect smoky flavour, and texture. These cheesy treats contain high protein content (59.2%), low fat content (5.2%), prevent plaque and tartar buildup, and support healthy skin and shiny coat so you can keep giving your dog treats without feeling guilty.

Key Benefits

  • Soft, Chewy texture makes them easily digestible and perfect for senior dogs.
  • Uneven shape makes plaque and tartar removal easy.
  • Rich, cheesy flavor helps keep your dog’s breath minty fresh.

Yak and/or Cow milk with lime juice and a hint of salt.
Crude Protein: Min 59.2% Crude Fat: Min 5.2% Fiber: Min 5.9% Moisture: Max 10.0 %