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6 Effective Ways to Remove Plaque and Tartar from a Dog's Teeth


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March 28, 2022 | Hygiene & Care

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Effective Ways to Remove Plaque and Tartar from a Dog's Teeth

Your doggos dental health is equally as important as their overall health. Cleaning dogs teeth is a major task. Most parents constantly complain about their dogs having stinky breath, plaque and tartar. Although there are many brands out there creating different ‘formulas’ of dog toothpaste, how well do they work and how safe are they? So, the best way to keep your dogs’ dental health at its best is by using natural solutions. There are many ways by which you can remove plaque or tartar from your dog's teeth for example, by using toys, tools or even dental sticks for dogs.

Here is a compiled a list of natural tips and tricks that will definitely help you with dog teeth cleaning sessions

1. Coconut Treats

Fat-Separated Coconut Dog Treats

Coconut possess antibacterial properties. The naturally occurring compounds in coconut help defend your dogs mouth against any bacteria or parasite that they might have picked up. The texture of coconuts are excellent as they scrub against the teeth and get rid of any plaque and tartar build-up. If you’re wondering how you can introduce your dog to coconut try out yummy coconut treats!

2.Soft and Hard Chews

Soft Dental Treats For Senior Dogs

If you have a senior dog we can understand how hard it must be to find the perfect chews. Senior dogs' chews are really difficult to source as they need to be soft, healthy and flavorful and have the right consistency and texture. If  you’re starting preventive care for your dog, you have to make sure that treats and any other food you feed is soft and chewable. Dogsee Chews Puffy bars are specially created to suit your senior dogs needs as they are perfect for older dogs that have low teeth strength and have difficulty chewing.

The basic rule while looking for the perfect dental chews for your doggo is finding a size that is complementary to your dog. This is to ensure that the chew does not pose a choking hazard for your dog.The next most important thing is to make sure that they stay hard long enough. This will help keep your dog occupied for longer and make sure the chew bars get to each nook and cranny to get rid of any unwanted tartar or plaque build-up. Himalayan hard chews are made with dried Yak milk (essentially cheese) which makes it the best tartar remover for dogs who love cheese.

3. Agility Toys

Agility toys help your pup achieve good dental health as your dog spends a good amount of time pulling and chewing on them. The chewing results in getting their teeth scrubbed and therefore prevents the development of plaque and tartar. It also promotes healthy breath as your dog airs out his mouth.

4. Fruits and Veggies

Just like the dentists advise us to avoid candy, dogs too need to pay attention to what they chew to attain good dental health. So, keeping a check on the number of treats you give your dog may be a good idea. Before you attempt to figure out how to clean your dog's teeth with fruit, let us put your mind at ease. Just like hard treats, crisp fruits and vegetables  like carrots, beetroots, and celery help dogs chew away the plaque and tartar build up. Many fruits and vegetables are high in vitamin C which provides protection to  gums and other tissues from the risk of bacterial infections. Dogsee Chew’s frozen veggie and fruit treats are proven to be a big hit with parents who want more than just natural dental sticks for dogs.

5. Hard Dental Bars

Long-Lasting Dental Chews for Small Dogs

Hard dental chew bars are made of Yak and cow milk cheese that has been smoked and sundried to reach the perfect texture and flavour for your dog. They possess the perfect amount of vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for your dog's overall health. Hard bars are perfect for cleaning dogs teeth as they last long and the corners of the bar make sure that they remove plaque and tartar without cutting and bruising your dog's gums. Dogsee Chew's Turmeric Hard Bars give the best results in dental and overall health. The turmeric possess therapeutic properties that heal and protect your dog from any bacterial infection or illnesses inside and out.


Plaque build up and tartar aren’t the worst things that could happen to your dogs oral health. However keeping the build up in check only helps your doggy enjoy his favourite doggie treats better.

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