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7 Reasons Behind Dogs Licking Their Paws?


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March 07, 2022 | Hygiene & Care

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7 Reasons Behind Dogs Licking Their Paws

Ever look over and see your dog licking his paws with no end in sight? There may be several reasons causing your dogs to lick or chew their paws. Injuries, skin conditions, environmental factors, parasites, and food allergies are among a few reasons causing your dog to do so.

Paw licking occasionally is a part of the self-grooming process for dogs, especially post walks or being in a dirty or sandy place. However, if you find your dog intensely licking his paws you can look into the following factors for the cause.

1.Food Allergies

Food Allergies

Just like humans experience food allergies that cause an itchy throat, dogs have a similar symptom to food allergies. They feel an uncomfortable sensation or itchiness on their paws that explains the dog licking their paws which are among some of the most common signs of food allergy in dogs. Dog snacks and food using ingredients like dairy, grains, soy, and chicken may cause the allergies to trigger. This may tempt your fur buddy to ‘scratch the itch’. If your doggo displays this act only after mealtimes or when fed specific foods it may be time to figure out what foods are safe for them. Consult a veterinarian or check out some amazing treats we at Dogsee Chew have in-store!

Our selection of natural treats is bound to satisfy your doggos’ taste buds and make them feel better than ever!

2. Aches or Pains

Aches or Pains

Dog licking its paw is another way they manage pain. If you notice them licking the same paw intensely your fur baby may be coping with an injury ( like a bee sting, cuts, insect bites, ingrown nail, or burn). Check your dog's paw pads and toes for anything unusual and treat it with a pet first aid kit. However, we do recommend taking your dog in for a vet- consultation.

3. Separation Anxiety and Boredom

As the day goes by, in between snoozing and playing, your furry friend is probably waiting for you to get back home. Separation anxiety and boredom could lead to your dog licking his paws. This habit can also be grouped with barking, digging, or chewing. To make this period of loneliness easier on the poor pooch try and provide them with things like their favourite blanket or a squeaky chew toy to distract them from the intense paw licking. It is also important that our furry friends gain the right nutrition and love what they eat. Adding dog food seasoning with multivitamins and minerals will help your dog not just stay healthy but also happy when you’re gone.

4. Self-grooming

When we think of animals that self-groom we often forget that dogs do as well. Just like our feline friends, dogs regularly lick their legs, paws, and other areas to clean up any dirt or debris they may have collected on their walks or other dirty places. It is not necessary for your dog licking his paw to be seen as an alert. It is a healthy behaviour and a sign that your dog wants to be clean. The only setback of self-grooming by licking is that it leads to your dogs' breath getting a specific odour. But don't worry we at Dogsee chew understand the importance of self-grooming and believe that our fur buddies deserve a reward in the form of yummy dental treats that will keep their teeth healthy and shiny as well as get rid of any odour!

5. Parasites

As dogs walk around on all fours it is easy and natural for parasites and other critters to settle on their paws. For example fleas, ticks, lice, and mites definitely irritate your dog’s skin and cause them to aggressively lick the infested spot. Even though parasites are usually concentrated on one spot the act of dog licking the spot may cause the spread of the infection. Carefully inspect your dogs' coats and look out for any pests. Your dog must let you check for any uninvited pests and therefore remain still.

6. Skin Irritation

Skin Irritation

Itchy skin caused by dryness is one of the most popular reasons why your dog may keep licking his/her paw. Skin irritation often is rooted in environmentally caused allergies. Specific weeds, woods and dust may trigger a reaction in dogs. Additional symptoms like swollen eyes or runny nose are telling tackle signs. Our fur buddies however do not lose taste and smell, which means they need to be showered with awesome and deliciously healthy, gluten-free treats from Dogsee Chew!

7. Secondary Infections

Secondary Infections

Even though there are multiple reasons as to why your dog has been licking his paws, keep in mind that constant licking is grounds to act immediately. Working with a vet to figure out the causes may help determine the cause for the obsessive licking. It is not advisable to wait too long as these wounds and spots may get infected. The frequent licking builds up moisture in the pooches' paws and can lead to bacterial or yeast infection. These conditions only aggravate the dog licking its paw and may lead to swelling and redness.


Now, if you ever look over at your doggo and wonder “oh, my dog is licking his paws!” you know what exactly to expect and look out for to make sure your fur baby is healthy and taken care of. And remember to work with a trusted vet to treat bacterial infections and shower them with loads of delicious healthy treats!

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