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How cow and yak milk chews help freshen your dog's breath


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November 27, 2020 | Hygiene & Care

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How cow and yak milk chews help freshen your dog's breath

Having a doggo in your family would definitely mean frequent cuddles and wet kiss sessions. However, bad breath in dogs can definitely spoil these cuddling sessions.

As pet parents, it is important to know that stinky breath is quite common in doggos. While some causes are harmless, some could be due to an underlying health condition.

Common causes of bad breath in dogs

Here are some of the common causes of stinky breath in doggos:

1. Bacteria Buildup: Bacteria buildup is considered to be the most common cause of bad breath in doggos. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, almost 80% of doggos suffer from gum disease by the age of three. Puppy dental care is especially important in the gowing up years.

The presence of bacteria, or plaque can produce bad breath. If not removed, plaque can cause inflammation and irritation to the gums, causing other gum diseases.

2. Imbalanced Gut Microbiomes: The balance between oral and gut microbiomes is important, because if bad bacteria overpowers the good bacteria, it can cause oral problems. For instance, excessive bad bacteria in the small intestine can lead to the formation of smelly gas. When this gas gets absorbed in the bloodstream, upon exhalation it leads to stinky breath.

3. Health Conditions: There are several health conditions that can be linked to bad bread in doggos such as:

  • Liver disease: When the liver is unable to filter out toxins, stinky compounds get released in the lungs, causing a musty smell in the doggo’s breath.

  • Kidney disease: Improper functioning of the kidneys can lead to high urea level in the doggo’s system, causing stinky breath.

  • Diabetes: Diabetes lead to high blood sugar levels and buildup of ketones, which results in bad breath. 

If the problem of bad breath persists, it is always better to take your doggo to a vet for expert guidance.

Dental Chews to freshen your dog’s breath

Good dental care for your doggo would mean regular brushing. However, most doggos find it irritating and disturbing to get their teeth brushed regularly. As a pet parent too, you may face difficulties to brush the teeth of your reluctant doggo.

So, how to freshen dog’s breath?

Dental chews are a great alternative to regular brushing, and can help manage dental health along with providing the necessary nourishment.

Cow and yak milk dog chews are one of the best options for fighting the problem of bad breath in your doggos. These treats are also ideal for dogs with a sensitive stomach.  The two main advantages of these chews are:

Hard texture for plaque and tartar removal

Cow and yak milk dog chews, when dried have a hard texture that helps remove plaque and tartar from your doggo’s teeth. While your furry friend gnaws on the treat, the hard texture scraps on the tooth’s surface, thus removing the accumulated plaque/tartar.

When the mouth is clean, the dog’s breath will also become fresh and healthy.

Rich Flavour

The cheese derived from cow and yak milk is used for making the dental treats for doggos. Cheese has a rich flavour that helps to eliminate the stinky smell from your doggo’s mouth that may have caused due to the accumulation of bacteria. 

Treats made from Himalayan cow and yak milk chews like Dogsee are made from the finest cheese that comes from cows/yaks that feed on grass, medicinal herbs and pure waters of the Himalayan regions. These treats are smoked and sun-dried to further enhance the flavour, leaving your dog’s breath healthy and fresh as they munch on these tasty treats.

Dogsee All Natural Cow and Yak Milk Dental Chews

Dogsee Chew dental treats are 100% natural chews, handcrafted in the Himalayas. Originating from an ancient Himalayan recipe churpi, Dogsee dental bars are made from cow and yak milk, and sun dried for 35 days for the perfect smoky flavour and hard texture. Dogsee treats are completely free from grain, gluten, artificial fillers, coloring and preservatives. The hard texture of the treats are ideal for removing plaque and tartar and keeping your doggo’s breath fresh. 

Dogsee dental chews are available as:

Long lasting cheese bars: These hard and healthy treats are made from the finest cheese in the Himalayas. Rich in protein and calcium, the cheese bars are available in 3 sizes - small, medium and large - that you can choose from depending on the age and size of your doggo.

Turmeric cheese bars: These dental cheese bars contain real turmeric, which supports immunity, joint health, along with clean and fresh breath. They are rich in calcium, protein and circumin. The long lasting treats will keep your doggo’s teeth clean and keep them engaged for a long time. Turmeric bars are also available in small, medium and large sizes.

Puffy bars: Puffy bars made from cow and yak milk are ideal for senior doggos who are unable to chew on the hard bars. However, the puffy bars also help manage plague and tartar while eliminating bad breath.

As pet parents, we know you would want to give your doggos the best, and so we can proudly say that Dogsee treats are as pure as your love!

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