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How To Care For Your Dog's Ears


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October 22, 2021 | Hygiene & Care

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How To Care For Your Dog's Ears

Just like any other hygiene practice, cleaning your dog’s ears is also something you should do to ensure they are clean and are not susceptible to infections. Though not necessary on a regular basis, it still is a part of caring and grooming of your doggo. There are a few simple ways you can follow illustrated in this blog post to learn more about how to clean dog ears at home naturally.

Why is cleaning dog’s ears important?

Cleaning a dog’s ears is important to ensure that they are free of any ear infections or wax build up. Every time you clean your dog’s ears, you should remove the excess wax that is accumulated inside the ear to avoid further complications. The excess discharge of wax can lead to irritation and this will cause your pet to scratch their ears vigorously and harm the sensitive parts of the skin.

How often should you clean your dog’s ears?

Though there is no hard and fast rule to follow a regimen for cleaning your dog’s ears, it still is important to check and ensure that all is well inside your dog’s ears. There are also different types of dog ears. Some dogs who have large floppy ears are known to be prone to ear infections however it is important to keep every dog’s ear clean irrespective of the breed. Also, over cleaning may lead to further irrigation therefore it is best to be careful and not overdo the cleaning. You can check with your local vet as to how many times your breed of dog’s ear may need cleaning. Some breeds that have long and hairy ears might block the air flow into the ears, thus increasing the moisture and humidity inside the ears, which causes wax and allows bacteria and yeast infections. Dogs that swim on a regular basis or dogs that move around in and around the woods definitely need more attention to cleaning their ears often, which can be once a week.

Problems that may arise if you don’t clean your dog’s ears?

If your dog’s ears smell bad or if there is redness or swelling, it is a sign that he may have picked up an ear infection. Considering that your dog’s ears are more vertical as compared to a human’s horizontal ear canals. This can easily cause dirt or other foreign bodies to enter the ear canal and cause infections. Infections can be due to many factors like allergies, parasites like ear mites, foreign bodies, tumors,  injuries or also due to excessive scratching of ears. So, it is important to keep track of any symptom associated with your dog’s ears and immediately take him to the vet for further consultation. Simple symptoms when ignored, may lead to serious infections that could cause ear damage.

Steps to clean your dog's ears

1) Things needed while  cleaning a dog’s ears: Ear wash solution, cotton balls and tweezers to remove excess wax. Ensure that cotton swabs are not used for cleaning inside the ear canals to avoid pushing the dirt and wax further inside.

2) Groom and cut the hair around the ear: This is especially applicable to dog breeds that have excess hair around the ear flaps and the opening of the ear. This ensures that there is airflow and it also gives you better visibility during cleaning.

3) Find the right place: Not all dogs are comfortable showing their ears to you for cleaning, Therefore, you can find a place like a corner where they can’t wriggle and slip away.

4) Apply a solution for ear wash for dogs: You can then apply the ear wash solution by placing the applicator inside the opening of your dog’s ear and slowly work your way around the outer area. You can then gently massage their ears from the outside to ensure that the solution is spread evenly. You can give your pet a chance to shake off the excess solution ( which they usually do when you apply the solution) and then you can use cotton balls to wipe off the excess wax gently from the ears. Remember not to clean deep inside the ear canals as they can harm your pet’s ears. You can even use earbuds when you are cleaning the inner flaps of your dog’s ears

Steps To Apply Medication

  • Medication can be applied as soon as you clean your dog’s ears thoroughly. After consulting your veterinarian, you can use the right kind of medication prescribed by the doc and the method that has been instructed to follow. However, you can follow these simple steps.

  • Very gently pull the ear flaps out so that you can directly see the entrance of the ear canal.

  • Apply a few drops of the medication from the tip of the bottle  into the opening of the canal. Don't touch the tip to the ears and ensure that the tip is clean.

  • Gently massage the base of the ear outside, i.e., below the ear opening to ensure the spread of the medication into the entire ear canal.

  • Any other residue or dirt accumulated can be wiped off using a cotton ball.


Cleaning a dog’s ears will not really take too much time from your routine. Therefore, it is best to avoid unnecessary infections that cause a lot of pain and discomfort to your pet and ensure that their ears are clean of excess wax and dirt. These simple steps will give you peace of mind that you have taken good care of your dog.

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