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How to Cut Your Dog's Nails Safely At Home


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February 14, 2022 | Hygiene & Care

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Cut Your Dog's  Nail

Dog nail trimming is an essential part of grooming that should be performed regularly. Every dog owner should be able to cut their dog's nails as excessive nails can cause severe pain and significantly impact your dog's life. Taking care of your dog's paws is an important part of your dog's health, so read this guide to understand the process of carefully cutting your dog's nails at home. Cutting your dog's nails can be made simple for you and your beloved dog with our step-by-step procedure with Dogsee Chew Apple Treats!

Making Your Dog Comfortable

Making Your Dog Comfortable

The first and foremost step to follow is holding your dog’s paws gently and carefully from day one to ensure that they feel comfortable. Show them the grooming and trimming tools and make them familiar with their noises. Move the clippers around their fingers and get them used to the sensation. Considering that this could invoke a sense of anxiety in your dogs, keep them calm with delicious dog training treats. While practicing all the above stages, make it a point to reward your pup as encouragement.

What To Use?

To ensure a good nail-cutting experience for your dog, it is important to choose the right trimmers with the proper style and size.

  • Use scissor-styled clips to groom tiny dogs and puppies.

  • For medium and large-sized dogs, it's best to use large nail clippers.

  • Keep styptic powder or cornstarch on hand in case their nails begin to bleed.

Dog Nail Cutting

A decent rule of thumb is to cut your dog's nails once a month or whenever they begin to touch the ground. If not, they will continue to grow until they curl outward, or worse, inwards. Long nails can be painful for your dog to walk on because they reduce traction, making slips and falls more likely. They are also more prone to breaking or peeling off completely, and they can grow into your dog's paw pads, causing discomfort and infection. If you hear your dog's nails clicking on the ground, know that it's time for a nail trim.

Where to trim?

Dog nails have a vein called "quick" and so paw parents have to be extremely careful while cutting the nails. So the goal is to cut the nails short without making them bleed.

  • If your dog’s nails are white in color, simply avoid cutting the pink section of the nail.

  • On many nails, the part of the nail that can be safely cut is much thinner than the rest of the nail.

  • When cutting black nails, cut a small section at a time. When you get close to the quick, the inside of the nail will seem chalky and white. Stop cutting your dog’s nails once you observe a black dot in the middle of a white region.

How to cut your dog’s nails the right way?

  • Set up a cozy and quiet environment for your pup’s nail trimming session, just like in this Instagram video.

  • Keep some lip-smacking puppy chew sticks or soft dog treats on hand to keep your dog occupied.

  • Start with one paw, angling the nail cutter at 45°. Cut the nails into small proportions and reward them with treats immediately.

  • Repeat this step, but keep a close eye on the quick.

  • Apply paw balm after successfully trimming all the nails for amazing results.


The importance of associating dog treats with cutting your puppy’s nails is that it can have a positive effect on your dog. Don't forget the dewclaws if your dog has them. They tend to grow long because they aren't generally in contact with the ground, and if you don't clip them, they will ultimately grow back into your dog's foot, which is rather uncomfortable. Dog grooming is important for routine doggy care, and if you are still failing or don't know how to cut your dog’s nails the right way, always seek professional groomer's help.

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