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10 Signs Your Dog is Truly Happy


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August 02, 2021 | Training & Behaviour

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10 Signs Your Dog is Truly Happy

Owning a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life and as a pet owner, your ultimate intention is to provide a home that is safe and happy for your canine companion. If you are a new pet owner, you might be a tad confused with all the cute and subtle signs that your dog may exhibit to communicate with you. Most times, things that make dogs happy are just the same as what makes humans happy, and dogs are happiest when they are healthy and when you reciprocate their affection with enough enthusiasm and give them a whole lotta love.. Let’s look at some tell-tale signs that your dog is happy.

Here are 10 signs your dog is truly happy:

1. Wagging Tail:

There are many things that make dogs happy and you can determine if they are, by  the way their tail wags! They may often wag their tail vigorously and move their body in a little dancing motion. This is a very common sign that signifies that your pooch is excited and happy in the surroundings. Do look out for a stiff tail wag without the bodily movement when your dog notices something and is on high alert. ( This is often accompanied by alert ears that are pointing upwards). There are different types of tail wagging and each one can say something important about their state of mind.

2. Good Behaviour:

red setter lying floor

Your dog often behaves best when they are happy and have no complaints. They may come over to you for some playtime or simply lie next to you cozily or quietly go to sleep (a healthy dog sleeps for an average of 14- 16 hrs a day). On the contrary, if you find your pet chewing excessively (specifically older dogs) or creating a lot of ruckus, it might mean that they are extremely bored or unhappy. For young dogs who are going through the teething process, you could give healthy chews to help them relieve the pain.  At times, they might also have anxiety disorders which can be dealt with or treated in the right way.

3. A Good Appetite:

A healthy and happy dog has a fairly good appetite and is also eager to eat  their food when it's served. If your dog refuses to eat their food , it might mean that they are stressed about something, or not very comfortable with their surroundings or may have a reaction to certain meds. Dogs also need a vitamin rich food in their diet to combat infections and other diseases and keep their tummies happy.

4. Eager for Playtime:

This is another way to determine if your dog is happy and enthusiastic. They might come to you with a ball in their mouth or they might get their tug toy and nudge you to play with them. Most happy dogs love some fun time at least once a day and it's a great way to bond with your pet canine. If they are unusually morose or are showing disinterest when you beck them to play, they might be unwell. You might have also observed how certain things that make dogs happy might not interest them at all and that could be simply because they have a different temperament than other dogs.

5. Relaxed Body Language:

This is an obvious indicator that nothing is amiss. If your pup is happily sleeping to their side, rolled over or sleeping with their head between their front paws, it is a sign that he feels relaxed and wants to catch up on their sleep. Sometimes, dogs curl over and sleep and this can mean that they are trying to protect themselves from a tummy ache or other discomfort.

6. Tummy-up Time:

Dogs love to sleep with the tummy up and their tongues lolling out and this is one of the most obvious indicators that your little doggy is feeling super comfortable and blissful. If your dog is rolling over a few times a day, they are just happy to be.

7. Standing up on their hind legs:

An easy way to determine if a dog is in a playful and happy mood is when they try to stand on their hind legs, do a jiggle and urge you to play and tackle them. It is also a sign of affection. You might find them doing this when they are playing with their favourite dog friends in the park too.

8. A Smiling Face:

smiling dogs

You can notice your pet’s mouth when it curves like an open -mouthed smile with their tongue hanging out a little. This is to say that they are comfortable, happy and open to play with you. Though it really isn't a smile, it still is an indicator that they are relaxed.

9. Running with a spring in their step:

Dog Running in the Water

When you see your hound running with a bounce in their step (just like a deer), it surely means that they are having a whale of a time and are extremely happy and game for some fun and frolic.

10. Snuggles Closer:

A dog that is comfortable inside their body and is trustful of their surroundings will often snuggle up close to you when you are sleeping or sitting on the couch. This cuddlesome behaviour is a positive sign that your dog is happy and also that they trust you immensely.

These were the signs that your dog is happy and it's quite true when they say there is never a dull moment when you have a pet at home. Do remember to keep them healthy by giving them the right nutritious food. It is also important for a pet owner to be aware of the benefits of regular exercise for their pooches. A happy and healthy pet means a happy and healthy you!

If you have concerns that your dog may be depressed, you can learn about the causes for depression and treat him accordingly.

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