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5 Ways to Tackle Dental Hygiene in Dogs


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April 17, 2023 | Hygiene & Care

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5 Ways to Tackle Dental Hygiene in Dogs

As humans we need to take care of our teeth as it's the only source to chew and gain energy, the same goes for your pups.

All the nutrients they get is from the kind of things they chew and eat such as: dog treats, hard bars and more.

The majority of dogs may have canine periodontal disease by the age of three....So it's of utmost importance to take care of their dental health, from the start!

Because foul breath is the most common symptom of early dental illness, it often goes unrecognized by owners who believe that poor breath is a natural occurrence in dogs. Yet That Is Not The Case…

So the motto is 'The Best Dental Care For Your Best Friend'

Dog's oral hygiene is a must and there's no turning back from it, as it's very essential for your dogs.

Here  we have curated some of the best tips to take care of your doggo's oral hygiene.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Dog's Dental Hygiene:

1. Brush Your Dog’s Teeth with Refreshing Toothpaste

dog holding toothbrush his teeth

Brushing the teeth is the cornerstone of good oral health for both dogs and people. Brushing teeth daily is also recommended for dogs. If you don't have time for that, you should brush your dog's teeth at least once a week; the more frequently you brush their teeth, the better.

Even though they don't enjoy it at first, most dogs will learn to tolerate and welcome tooth cleanings. Dog toothbrushes with angled handles, soft bristles, and even numerous heads make it easier and faster to reach all the tiny nooks and crevices within your dog's mouth.

Pro Tip: Putting up a program for cleaning your dog's teeth at home will take less time than you think and will go a long way toward keeping your dog's teeth clean.

2. Chew Dog Treat Toys

Chew Dog Treat Toys

Dog dental chews clean your pet's gums while simultaneously satisfying their natural desire for a nice treat. Furthermore, your dog will be too preoccupied with nibbling on their dental toys to cause any trouble.

One such Dental Play Treatoy from Dogsee is a winner. The Dogsee Play Treatoy is made from 100% natural Himalayan Cheese and has a new round-shaped dental chew that cleans teeth. This tasty Himalayan cheese treat is all-natural and healthy for dogs to chew. Your dog will undoubtedly spend hours playing with the toy.

Pro Tip: Using Dogsee Play Treatoy daily gets to different types of edges, gets to every corner and crevice of your dog's teeth, and ensures there is no plaque or tartar buildup.

3. Dental Sprays For Dogs

If your dog's foul breath is keeping you from cuddling or kissing him, or if you only have a few minutes to spare, dog dental sprays are the perfect remedy.

Dog dental sprays are a quick and easy approach to care for your dog's teeth because they may be used alone or in conjunction with brushing. These sprays eliminate plaque-causing bacteria and freshen your dog's breath.

Dental sprays help clean and prevent tartar and plaque buildup in addition to removing odors.

Pro Tip: Most sprays are straightforward to use: owners merely mist the teeth and gums.

For some more tips follow the links here!



4. Giving Your Dogs Dental Chews

Nothing can go wrong with good quality dental Chews for your dogs, as they will make them eat well while listening to you and will help you in keeping their oral health fit.

Dogsee Chew's Dental Chews are long-lasting vegetarian dog treats and are the perfect partner for your dogs to help prevent plaque and tartar buildup and also keep their breath fresh.

These delicious cow and yak cheese hard chews for dogs are made from the finest cow and yak milk churpi sourced from the Himalayas and smoked-dried to perfection for 35 days for extra hardness.

Pro Tip: Soft food is more prone to stick to the teeth and promotes rotting in your dog's teeth than crunchy kibble.

5. Regular Vet Visits

dog being checked by vet pet shop

Regular medical cleanup with your veterinarian is an important approach to protecting your pet friend's oral health. Veterinarians are excellent at detecting, diagnosing, and treating oral issues that could otherwise go undiscovered.

Most dogs require dental exams and cleanings at least once a year for vets to detect early warning signs of major diseases.

Even though this is the most expensive and time-consuming alternative, we urge that veterinarian oral exams be prioritized. Your dog's teeth will appreciate it!

For more information and to know 7 healthy pet products for your dogs to try click the link!

Pro Tip: In the case of breeds, like Bulldogs, Yorkshire Terriers, and Dachshunds, go for frequent cleanings every six months.

This summer don't let your dog's oral health get neglected, but be regular with your dog's vet visits, to keep you and your dogs happy and smiling all summer and year!

And these above tips of dental hygiene will keep your dogs away from various dental problems such as tartar and plague and many more….

We conclude by saying that you may not believe it now but using dental toys, and dog treats daily can and will make a huge difference in your dog's dental and overall health! So we wish you a happy Dog Parenting….

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is the number 1 best way to prevent dental disease in dogs?

Answer: Brushing is the most effective method for the prevention of periodontal disease, but it may be challenging for many caretakers. Dental diets, chlorhexidine gels, and dental treats from Dogsee can also be of benefit.

2. How can I prevent my dog's tooth problems?


  • Take your dog in for regular oral exams and cleanings.

  • Brush your dog's teeth every day

  • Feed your dog quality dog food by Dogsee.

  • Offer safe toys and treats for daily chewing

3. Do carrots clean dogs' teeth?

Answer: The Benefits of Raw Carrots are that their chewing mechanism helps clean your dog's teeth and gums by removing residual food pieces and helps clear plaque from tooth surfaces. Carrots can make great treats for your dog, due to their low-calorie content, especially if you need a larger quantity of treats when training.

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