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6 Fun Running Games to Play with Your Dog


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June 09, 2022 | Training & Behaviour

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Fun Running Games to Play with Your Dog

Would you like to see more of that toothy grin? Running about with your dog — even for a few minutes a day — is guaranteed to make them happy. Running dog games have a lot of benefits for dogs. Not only will play strengthen your bond, but regular exercise will keep your dog supple as they age, help them maintain a healthy weight, and allow them to expend some of their pent-up energy. Running games can motivate most dogs to get moving, even if they aren't interested in "traditional" canine activities like fetch. Here are five quick  running games for you and your dog to enjoy.

Target the Human

The rules of the game are simple: you run and your dog chases after you. That's all there is to it. To catch your dog's attention, clap or create a "smooch" sound, then sprint away from them enthusiastically so they will follow you. Turn and reinforce them with a puppy training treat or a toy when they're within a few feet of you. This is also a no brainer when it comes to how to play with a dog. By stopping before they get to you keeps the chase from devolving into a game of "nip the human on the back of the leg" for those healers. One word of caution: don't play the "chase the dog" game with your dog; it will teach them to flee when you approach and wreak havoc on their recall.

Get ready, get set, and go

Another one to the list of games to play with your dog combines running with some trick training and self-control practice. To play this game, you'll need to educate your dog to associate a couple of their basic obedience gestures with new stimuli. When you say "On your mark," do a play bow when you say "Get set," and start running when you say "Go," teach your dog to lie down. It's adorable.


Fartlek training is used by runners all over the world to improve their speed. Fartlek is a Swedish word that means "speed play" and refers to the practice of interspersing short bursts of speed during a training run. To play fartlek with your dog, rush ahead of them by a few paces, and your dog will most likely enthusiastically follow your lead. Slow down to a walk after that. When you're ready, take a step forward and start over. (Yes, even serious runners find the word amusing.) More importantly, this game also provided effective brain training for your dog. 

It's hard to come by

This quick keep-away game for dogs can get a party started. As you run away from your dog, squeak, bounce, or wave a toy around to grab their attention. Just be careful not to torment them by playing keep-away for an extended period of time. The thrill of playing hard to get might spark a new game, but denying your dog access to the toy for an extended period of time can lead to irritation or hostility rather than playfulness.

Somebody Insane

This game is perfect for those who do not know how to play with a dog. Dogs are fascinated by people who are unexpected in their movements. Using the "crazy person" game to get and maintain your dog's attention is a good idea. Hold a bundle of tasty dogsee crunch in your hand to entice your dog to your side, then begin backing away. They never know what you're going to do next because you change speed and direction frequently. For example, run five steps, then turn and jog gently for ten seconds before sprinting in the opposite way. When they're close by, give them praise and rewards, and keep moving like a crazy person to keep their attention. This is possibly the most fun game for your dog and guaranteed to give them  Zoomies!

Frisbee Frisbee

The most traditional running dog game is Frisbee. A game that is referred to as an advanced version of fetch since it encourages your dog to chase after the ball over vast distances. Frisbee is a terrific way for dogs with a natural desire to chase to get some exercise and have fun. 

Start with a soft disc if your dog doesn't know how to catch a frisbee. Traditional plastic frisbees are rather rough, so if one hits your dog in the face, it may deter him from attempting to catch it. To get your dog interested in the frisbee, practise tossing it short distances or rolling it on the ground. When they begin to chase it and follow it around, encourage them. After playing these games make sure you offer some amazing treats for your dogs!


Dogs benefit from both outdoor and indoor games, but anything that is overly violent or lasts too long might cause overstimulation. Play sessions should be ended while both you and your dog are still having a wonderful time. Instead of being fatigued and disappointed, he is looking forward to his next play session. These games will provide excellent brain training for your dog and keep him mentally stimulated. But most importantly, happy, by playing these dog activities with him. Make sure you find the best dog treats online for your doggo. Find your dog's next favourite training treat here if you need goodies for activities like Hide the Treat or prizes. 

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