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6 Signs Your Dog Needs Probiotics and Enzymes


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May 25, 2022 | Nutrition

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Signs Your Dog Needs Probiotics and Enzymes

We’ve all heard that our dogs need probiotics for better health. While choosing to carefully plan out your dog's diet, we need to understand why and what nutrients they need. The majority of dogs require probiotic and enzyme supplements. Antibiotics are present in almost all pet meals, and drinking water is chemically treated. The digestive tract gets depleted of healthy bacteria as a result of this. But how do you know that your dog needs healthy bacteria? Here are a few tell-tale signs that let you know their diet requires probiotics for dogs.

Six signs you need to spot

1. Constant Itching

Itching and scratching are frequent dog problems. Depending on your dog's circumstances, the itching and scratching can be minimal to severe. Food allergies are the most common cause of itching and scratching in dogs. Digestive enzymes for dogs can help by strengthening the digestive system and relieving the pancreas of the digestive strain.

2. Foul Odour

Yeast overgrowth is the most common cause of a stinky dog (Candida). A bacterial imbalance in your dog is indicated by bad breath and a terrible body odour. Dog stomach bacteria helps clear up your dog's gut. Sulphur and sulfites build up in the system as food rots, creating poor breath and stinking stools.

3. Excessive Shedding

Excessive shedding is a symptom of physical stress. Allergies, poor digestion, and advanced age are all possible reasons for stress. Dogs are only supposed to shed twice a year, not all year. Of course, they'll shed hair here and there like any other animal, but frequent shedding indicates that the dog's body is under stress. Digestive enzymes for dogs relieve the body of a significant digestive burden, allowing it to focus on the repair and maintenance of other organs.

4. Dry and Flaky Skin

Remember that your skin is an organ that reflects the state of your inside organs. Yeast overgrowth can be identified by red, blotchy skin that is accompanied by a foul odour. Malnutrition can show itself as dry, flaking skin. Probiotics and digestive enzymes for dogs can both aid your dog's skin health. It helps in the absorption of essential nutrients from meals and the control of bacterial overgrowth in the body. The addition of enzymes and probiotics to the dog's diet will aid in the elimination of waste and toxins, resulting in healthy skin and coat.

5. Ear Infection

Ear infections that recur can be a sign of yeast overgrowth or allergies, but some dogs are naturally prone to them. It's crucial to remember that if your dog develops an ear infection, it should be treated locally by your veterinarian. Once clean, the Miracle PackTM has proven to be successful in assisting dogs with recurrent ear infections caused by yeast or allergies with little maintenance.

6. Diarrhoea

When pathogenic (harmful) bacteria dominate your dog's intestinal flora, the outcome is runny, loose faeces, or diarrhoea. Diarrhoea is a nightmare for any dog owner, but it's an indication that your dog needs healthy flora, and it needs it now! Fortunately, dogs given probiotics might see a difference in their stools in just a few days. The healthy bacteria helps heal a dog's stomach.

The best source of probiotics for dogs?

Yoghurt, chupri, or cheese with living cultures is an effective source of natural probiotics for dogs. Certain brands of yoghurt and cheese include cultures, but they are not probiotics. Unsure if these foods are safe for dogs? Don't worry; we’ve got dog-friendly probiotic treats made of the best quality Himalayan cheese! Dogsee Chews’ Himalayan treats are prepared with delicious cheese from the Himalayas. These nutritious cow and yak milk chews are the greatest soft doggie treats, whether you're seeking healthier training rewards or softer chews for your pooch. Here are our favourite probiotic-rich dog treats!

Long-lasting Dental Chews

Long-lasting Dental Chews

A nutrient-dense treat that your huge dog will enjoy eating! Dogsee Chew's long-lasting turmeric bars are made from the finest Himalayan cheese and are just what you need to keep your dog nimble. These dental chews battle plaque and tartar while also providing relief from joint problems and supporting a healthy immune system. They also act as a great source of probiotics for dogs that help with relieving digestive problems in dogs, making them the ideal super-treat for your paw-tner.

Puffies - Bite-sized dog training treats 

Bite-sized dog training treats

Dogsee Chew's greatest dog treats can make your training sessions with your little one a lot more enjoyable and rewarding. They are a great source of dog stomach bacteria that improves digestion. These treats turn crunchy when heated, making them ideal for puppy training. These bite-sized snacks are easy to feed and have a delectable cheesy flavour that will delight your pet. The finest dog treats in terms of nutrition are high in protein, which provides energy, and low in fat, which helps keep the dog's weight in check.

Mini- Pops

Mini- Pops

Dogsee Chew's Mini Bite-Sized Dog Training Treats will give your dog something to look forward to during training sessions! These bite-sized, delectable treats are made with 100% natural ingredients and traditional Himalayan methods to make training more enjoyable. They're also high in protein and low in fat, which gives you energy and helps you maintain your weight. They also provide healthy enzymes for dogs that contribute to great gut health. So now, you can spoil your dog without feeling guilty!


Probiotics play an important role in improving your dog's overall well-being. Digestive problems in dogs are mainly caused by the lack of probiotics in their food. Dogsee Chew’s Himalayan cheese treats provide the essential nutrients for your dog. Cheese, in theory, is high in protein, calcium, vital fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Make sure your dog's probiotic intake is met through his delicious and healthy treats! If you’re a new parent, here is our blog to Understand the Basics of Dog Health, Nutrition, and More!

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