how to choose dog treats


Have you ever gotten no for an answer when offering your pooch a treat, no matter what time of the day?


Doggos are always on the lookout for treats. They love munching on treats, and they also deserve it for good behaviour like listening to your command, getting nails trimmed and ears cleaned without any fuss. All natural dog treats have a lot of health benefits including tartar or plaque clean up on the teeth, weight management, and a healthy gut.


best dog treats


According to Pets WebMD, only 10% of your pooch’s daily calories should be from treats. Therefore, why not focus on giving them the right treat? You should also keep in mind that treats should never replace a complete meal of your pet. Too much of treats, especially the unhealthy ones, can lead to obesity, which leads to other health issues. Therefore, choose the best dog treats to make sure that it does not have any negative impact on your doggo’s health and feed in moderation. 


There are a lot of dog treats available in the market, but every treat may not be of premium quality. So, it is important for pet parents to have a proactive approach and safeguard your doggo’s health by having detailed knowledge about the available good dog treats, the amount to be given on a regular basis and proper storage.