Walking Your Dogs in Rain

One of the most practical ways to give your dogs exercise is by walking them. While for certain breeds play-time can be alternated for long walks, other breeds require about thirty minutes of cardio every day. However on rainy days our little buddies find it a little hard as the weather may trigger their anxiety. Some parents would not face any issues while walking their dogs in the rain. However you may have noticed that they take dog training treats along with other accessories to walk their dog during difficult weather conditions.  Walking your dog in the rain is never an issue but, the risks of bacterial development and other environmental dangers that may affect the dog during the walk matters. Understanding the issues can help prepare your dog for a walk in the rain.

Rainfall by itself would not be responsible for dogs to fall sick, however the puddles and stagnant water can pose a threat for our dogs. If there are remnants of other animal droppings around the puddles, they may potentially make your dog fall ill. These contaminated puddles may be breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses and a variety of microorganisms. They are not safe for your dogs and may get into the little nooks and crannies of your dogs paws affecting not just his skin but if licked would even disturb their digestive system. Bacterias like leptospira & giardia can infect your dogs. If you’re in a cold weather country, you may risk exposing your dogs to antifreeze chemicals and other chemicals. Some parents are also worried about their pets getting hypothermic reactions.

The cold temperature of rain water can also pose a problem for short haired dogs' health as they do not have the protection of a thick coat.

dog in the rain

Here are some ways by which you can get prepared to walk your dog in the rain

1. Doggie Boots

Doggie boots are made of special fabric. This fabric not only makes your dogs feel comfortable but also ensures that no puddle water comes in contact with your dog’s paws. They’re usually waterproof and easy to wear. Your dog might take some time to get used to his little boots but it’s worth not putting him at risk of infections or diseases.

2. Doggie raincoats

Doggie raincoats might actually be the cutest and functional doggie accessory. The fabric is just like human raincoats and are non-toxic. They are specially tailored to fit your dog so that he can enjoy his walks and finish his business hassle-free. However you need to make sure that once back inside after the walk the raincoat is completely dried. As we do not want the formation of fungus on it.

3. Doggie Sweater

Because of the cold temperature of the rains your dog would be feeling super chill. Make sure you help your little one out by giving him a sweater. The cold would also affect your dogs muscles and joints. Having a sweater would also mimic a second coat for your dog.

4. Wash and dry

Once you're back home from the walk make sure you wash your puppy's paws and wipe him down with a baby wipe. This is to ensure that you wipe out any dirty puddle water that may have sparked onto your dog. You can never be too careful.

5. Shorter Walks

If your dog goes through extreme anxiety during rains try and reschedule the walk once the showers have stopped. Or if it's absolutely necessary to go, shorten the time you spend on the walk and make sure you provide some sort of cardio activity to him at home either before or after the walk.

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6. Good harness

Invest in a good harness. Walking your dog who has severe anxiety because of the rain can be a bit of a task. Make sure that your walks are secure with the help of a good harness that helps you walk your dog without the risk of you choking him or hurting him in any other way.

7. Doggie training treats

Taking training treats along with you for the walk will help motivate your dog. In case your dog has anxiety you can even try distracting  them with the dog training treats. Dogsee Chew is a great option for these times. Thqese treats not only are made of all natural ingredients but also possess the nutrients, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that protect your dog from any unwanted bacteria and parasites. 


During the rainy season, make sure you wipe down your dog with non-toxic baby wipes to get rid of any bacteria and dirty feet. Dry your dog thoroughly with a towel or hair dryer right after. If you notice your dog vomiting for no reason make sure that you immediately take him to the vet. The monsoons are an excellent time to discover new walking routes with your dog. Stay prepared by looking up the weather forecast so that you do not have to worry about the rain while on the walk.

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