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Amazing Tips to Keep Your Dog's Hair Healthy & Shiny


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November 03, 2022 | Hygiene & Care

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Amazing Tips to Keep Your Dog's Hair Healthy & Shiny

If there's one thing paw-rents know to be true, it's this: Owning a dog is a big responsibility. While pet parents do everything to ensure their dog is healthy, they sometimes forget to put their dog's hair health on the list. There's good reason to take care of your dog's hair, as it not only acts as an extra layer of protection, but the shiny, healthy coat is also a sign of a happy, healthy dog!

Between understanding what dog shampoo to choose, what routine to follow or how to get started for that shiny coat, we bring you some amazing tips for healthy dog hair. Keep reading!

Why does dog hair need care?

As with most dog responsibilities, you must put some effort into their hair care if you want that smooth, shiny coat. Often we think of it as a step to escape from the dull, dry hair or the scruffy look of the dog. But it isn't all for the looks of your furry pals. Taking care of your dog's hair is key to maintaining its health and well-being. It is important to realise that a little care on the outside is a happy dog on the inside.

So, here are the top reasons you should care about your dog's hair health:

  • Maintain Hygiene: Remember that muddy dog, the furry friend who loves to roll around in dirty things, the one that can't keep up with its hygiene. It's all our dogs! As responsible parents, it is up to us to keep them fresh and clean. The better we keep our dogs' hygiene, the more chances they have of living long and healthy lives with us.


  • Skin Health Check: A part of taking care of your dog's hair is brushing, which can help you get to know your dog's skin closely. It allows you to spot anything unusual, like lumps, bumps, wounds, ticks, or fleas on the skin. Furthermore, detecting these issues early on will help avoid more serious ones.

Also, check out our Instagram post to know the tick-hiding spots the next time you brush your dog's hair.


  • Improve Overall Look: Aside from all the health benefits, taking care of the coat will make your furry friend look nicer. Imagine walking proudly with your dog that looks like a million bucks. A dog with heavy, shiny and well-maintained hair is definitely a sight to behold.

Now that you know the whys, scroll down to know what you can do for healthy dog hair.

6 tips to get a Healthy, Shiny Dog Coat

1. Feed the Right Food: There is a strong link between good nutrition and a healthy dog coat. So, if you want your dog's hair to be shiny and healthy, you should feed them the right food and proper nutrients. Low-quality or improperly balanced food will deplete the pet's nutrients, which will be reflected in their coat. Giving your dog a well-balanced diet rich in high-quality digestible proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins will keep its fur healthy at all times.


2. Treat them Right: We just enjoy rewarding our dogs for those happy tail wags. According to pet professionals, the wrong treats result in unbalanced nutrition and, as a result, unhealthy hair. So, whenever your dog deserves a reward, give it a healthy and rewarding treat that will help its coat shine.

Your dog will simply love the Dogsee Crunch Apple. By rewarding your pet with these single-ingredient treats, you will provide them with a nutritious snack that will keep their skin and coat healthy and boost their immunity. They'll enjoy the flavour, and you'll enjoy the way their coat shines.

Freeze-Dried Apple Dog Treats

3. Use the right products: Being aware of what your dog's coat requires and the products you use to care for it plays a role in maintaining coat health. When bathing, always use a dog shampoo that is beneficial for its skin condition; for example, a dog hair fall control shampoo to control hair that sheds everywhere and soothing shampoo for dog skin allergies. Another important consideration is to choose a product based on its ingredients. A safe pet product is made of natural ingredients and is gentle on your dog's skin.

Dogsee Veda is one of the most effective natural dog shampoos. It's natural, free of chemicals and suitable for all types of dog skin.

Shed Control Dog Shampoo

4. Brush your dog's hair regularly: It's such a simple thing, but brushing your dog's hair can do wonders! It promotes the growth of hair follicles by increasing the production of skin oils and removing dead hair and skin. A good brushing session can also help remove loose hair and distribute your dog's natural oils throughout its coat, resulting in a healthy shine.

5. Use Coconut Oil: Pet parents can use coconut oil internally and externally for their dogs. It will shine your dog's coat while also fighting infections and moisturising dry skin. Massage your dog's fur with coconut oil for a few minutes after bathing to lock in moisture. Another option is to mix a few drops into your dog's shampoo. Once a day, mix a teaspoon of coconut oil into your dog's food to improve the look and feel of their coat and promote healthy digestion.

Check out our blog to learn more benefits of coconut in your dog's diet: Coconut for Dogs: 7 Health Benefits of Adding Coconut to Dog's Diet.

6. Don't Forget Hydration: Wondering what the dog hair fall reason is? Dehydration is a major cause of excessive hair loss in dogs. This is because dehydration causes your dog's skin to dry, resulting in hair loss. Dehydration in your dog can also be the source of many skin problems. As a result, keep your dog hydrated by providing fresh, clean water throughout the day.

Having a front-row seat to watch your furry friend grow into a healthy, handsome dog is an absolute treat. One thing that plays an important role in your dog's appearance and says a lot about its health is its hair. A soft, smooth and shiny coat is a sign of a healthy dog. And now that you've got some tips to get shiny, healthy dog hair, you are ready to watch your dog turning heads wherever it goes.

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