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Coconut for Dogs: 7 Health Benefits of Adding Coconut to Dog’s Diet


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March 28, 2022 | Nutrition

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7 Health Benefits of Adding Coconut to Dog’s Diet

We know that dogs love to have coconut oil and parents are often encouraged to introduce coconut oil in their diet. But have you considered the fact that dogs can eat coconut itself? Scraps of coconut meat can be just as healthy as coconut oils. Since they come from the same fruit they share similar health benefits. The coconut meat can be introduced as raw pieces or through yummy coconut dog treats. Coconut is non-toxic to dogs, however it contains a small amount of triglycerides, known for causing gastrointestinal issues and occasional bloating. It is recommended to consult a vet before introducing coconut dog snacks to their diet. The health  benefits of coconut meat and oils certainly outweigh the potential risks. If your little buddy goes crazy for coconuts you can reward him with some guilt free!

Want to know why coconuts are deemed super healthy even for dogs?

Decreases Inflammation 

Fat-Separated Coconut Dog Treats

Coconut meat consists of high levels of lauric acid, a mid-chain fatty acid that helps the body absorb the molecules completely, and uses them as a direct source of energy. Lauric acid is extremely beneficial for your doggo as it helps fight off any viruses like influenza. This acid also helps reduce swelling in dogs in case of allergies or other issues as it possesses anti inflammatory properties. As inflammation is the main reason for arthritis in dogs, feeding coconut treats will greatly benefit their health. Make sure to remove the shell of the coconuts as it poses a choking hazard to your dog or just have simple coconut dog treats. Dogs can also eat coconut as a healthy crunchy treat.

Boosts Immune System

Coconut is packed with antioxidants that help to support your dog's immune system. It can also aid the body to have a healthy response to foreign microbes. This means it helps the body fight off any harmful viruses or parasites. Even though coconut hasn't proven to cure any diseases, there are several reviews supporting its anti-viral properties.

Promotes Healthy Skin

Coconut can be internally and externally used to better the health of your dog. The coconut oil molecules  defend the skin from any fungi or parasites that would be causing skin irritations, cuts & wounds as well as hot-spots. Applying coconut oil topically and introducing coconut meat in controlled amounts would help heal the skin issue from both inside and out.

Fights Fungi and Bacteria

During humid and hot seasons your dogs may have constant sweaty paws which makes them prone to the development of dangerous fungi and bacteria. However, the antioxidants properties of the coconut help fend off any unwanted fungi or bacteria on/in your dog.  Dogs can eat coconut in the form of teats or oils to strengthen their immunity and fend off growing fungi or bacteria.

Helps Digestion

With the presence of lauric acid and its antioxidant features, coconut treats help your doggo power through and recover from any indigestion. It also helps prevent indigestion and maintains a healthy gut.

Shiny Coat

If your dogs consume their coconut treats they will definitely develop a glorious glossy coat. The proteins from coconut help strengthen and nourish the coat leaving your doggo with a shiny coat that would make other dogs turn green.

Eliminate Odours

Who likes stinky breaths? With coconut oils and treats you can make sure your doogie is free of any bad breath. The texture of coconut and coconut treats in a way scrub out any unwanted bacteria that causes bad breath in dogs.

Crunchy Coconut Treats for Dogs

Now that you know how coconut can help your doggos you might be wondering what is the best way to introduce your dogs to coconut. We suggest using crunchy coconut treats for dogs. Dogsee Chew’s freeze- dried coconut treats are not just nutritious but also make your doggos flavour-freaks for coconut.

The best part of these treats are that they are made of just one ingredient- coconut. If you're wondering if your dogs can have coconut that is separated from fat, we can assure you that yes, they can! This process not only creates the perfect texture but also helps preserve the flavours and nutrients found in the natural coconut treat. This also happens when treats are freeze dried like our other Dogsee Crunch Treats.

Read all about it in our blog: What’s so great about Freeze-Dried Dog treats.

These single ingredient treats are a healthier option as these treats are made from real fruits with no additional chemicals or preservatives. These treats serve as an excellent reward for good behaviour and would guarantee a successful training session with your dog.


Coconut is a healthy ingredient not just for humans but also for dogs. Their nutritive values help your dog catch up on required nutrients that may be missed out in their usual diet. We at Dogsee believe that coconut treats for dogs are a healthy and delicious way to treat your dog to a healthy reward.

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