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Best Supplement for Your Dog’s Optimum Nutrition


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October 27, 2022 | Nutrition

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Supplement for Dog’s Optimum Nutrition

Are vitamins that important for your dog's overall health? Vitamins are just as important to your little ones as it is to your body. Getting a healthy amount of vitamins helps the growth, strength, energy levels, and overall health of your dog. If their daily diet does not meet their requirements of vitamins you can always refer to supplements for dogs

Dog multivitamins, although available in abundance, might need to be carefully selected. Many brands use harmful chemicals that may cause your dog to get sick and weak. So picking out a good brand and doing your research makes a lot of difference. Delicious supplements will make your dog fall in love with their meals!  

“Diets for dogs are highly individualised and you have to pay attention to how your dog is doing on the diet you’re feeding,” says Ernie Ward, DVM in San Francisco and founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. 

Dogsee has numerous treats, cookies and more that are high in nutritive value. However, if you are looking for a healthy and natural supplement to meet your dog’s nutritional requirements, Dogsee Activet Plus+ is the ideal product for you! We’ll tell you more about it further in this blog. But first let's answer a few frequently asked questions:

Does my dog really need vitamin supplements?

Commercially processed dog food may not be able to provide a complete and balanced diet for most dogs, including essential vitamins and minerals. Supplements may be required for dogs fed a vegetarian or vegan diet. It is absolutely necessary, but it must be done in accordance with the diet.

Is there any danger in giving my dog vitamins?

Usually there aren't any dangers in giving your dog some supplements. According to the FDA and veterinarians, if an animal already eats special diet dog food and receives excessive amounts of certain vitamins and minerals, they may be harmful.

Too much calcium can cause skeletal issues, particularly in large-breed puppies; too much vitamin A can harm blood vessels, causing dehydration and joint pain. Excess vitamin D in a dog can cause him to stop eating, damage his bones, and cause his muscles to atrophy.

Should I check with my vet before implementing the best dog food supplement?

Certainly, veterans say. Symptoms that appear to be arthritis, such as a dog with a weak back end, could be the result of a neurological problem. A bad coat may indicate skin, metabolic, or hormonal issues.

Don't forego traditional therapies, especially if they have specific dog dietary needs and are suffering from a life-threatening or organ-threatening illness. Maintain a standard of care and use supplements as they were intended, as supplements. Some supplement ingredients, such as herbals, may interact with other medications an animal is taking. Your veterinarian can also determine whether your pet requires a supplement. 

They don't need supplementation if they eat a special dog food diet, are healthy, and have no problems.

Dogsee Activet Plus+

Dogsee Activet Plus+

A dog seasoning powder made entirely of natural ingredients for your dog's food! Dogsee Activet+ is a powdered cheese multivitamin and protein supplement for dogs. An incredible dog food seasoning that stimulates appetite and promotes optimal nutrition. Give your dogs a protein-rich flavour enhancer that will make them fall in love with their food. It contains approximately 60% protein and 5.9% fibre, which promotes your dog's overall health by providing essential amounts of multivitamins and calcium. This Himalayan cheese dog food seasoning also acts as a great calcium powder for dogs. Guaranteed to keep your dog healthy and happy!

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Healthy Vitamins = Happy Dog

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Vitamins have a wide range of functions in the dog's body, including DNA synthesis, bone development, blood clotting, normal eye function, and neurologic function. To be classified as a vitamin, vitamins must have five characteristics: 

  • Healthy vitamins must be an organic compound that is not fat, carbohydrate, or protein 

  • Vitamins are required in trace amounts for normal function

  • Its absence results in a deficiency or reduces normal functioning

  • It helps to support normal functioning of organs

Now, who wouldn’t want their little one to feel healthy and happy daily? By giving your dog the natural dog multivitamin, you can secure a healthy lifestyle filled with exciting play times and unlimited cuddles!

Your dog deserves the best of everything including the best dog seasoning powder for their food. With Dogsee Activet Plus+ you can give them a delicious meal and also the essential nutrients they require.

Make sure the dog supplement that you give your dog is not just delicious but also natural. Dogsee ensures that your little one is given the best of what nature can give. With no chemicals or toxins your dog can enjoy their food with Dogsee Activet Plus+.

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