Ways to Cool Down Your Dog

Summer is known for its scorching heat. If you live in a hot climate, you should know the normal dog temperature and how to identify if your dog is overheating and also know how to cool down a dog so that it may continue to enjoy its favorite outdoor activities while munching on its favorite soft dog treats.

Here we have 7 easy ways to keep your dog away from the heat and protect them from its harsh symptoms.

Provide Ample Hydration

Provide Ample Hydration

Summertime calls for hot, dehydrating weather. Just like us humans, dogs are also required to drink plenty of water to quench their thirst. Dogs find drinking water interesting as their receptors have the ability to taste the water. Always remember to carry a water bottle and bowl whenever you travel with your pet.

Not every dog will drink enough water and hence it is our duty to encourage them by Having numerous water sources available and directing them to water whenever possible - preferably before your four-legged friend exhibits indications of overheating.

Limit Heat Exposure And Maintain Normal Dog Temperature

The most obvious way to keep your pet cool is to restrict the amount of time they spend in hot weather. Outdoor activities should be divided up into shorter, more frequent sessions, enabling your dog to rest and cool down before continuing.

Never leave your pet alone in a place where the temperature can rise more, such as a car or a small room. The flow of air is critical. When you're trying to keep your dog cool indoors, direct a fan his way. This will shorten their cool-down period.

Leaving your dog in a hot car can soon turn dangerous as the temperature rises. If the temperatures are high enough, heatstroke and death can occur within 30 minutes.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Maintain Healthy Weight

Excessive body weight makes it harder for your dog to survive in hot weather. Overweight dogs have a harder time staying cool in hot weather and are more likely to overheat. Help your dog by trying to achieve and maintain optimal health status with natural and high-quality treats from Dogsee Chew. Measuring their diet and keeping track of the number of treats they consume will assist them in losing weight. Your veterinarian can advise you on how much to feed your dog and what his or her ideal body weight should be.

Give them Frozen Treats

When it's hot outside, a refreshing and cold snack will make your dog feel terrific. Frozen fruit treats will help to cool down your pet and protect them from heatstroke. Frozen Coconut Dog Treats contributes to a healthy gut with the help of natural antioxidants present in them

Groom Your Pet

It is critical to have your dog groomed on a regular basis during the summer. Keep them clean and germ-free. Matted fur has the potential to trap heat. Remember that your dog's coat not only insulates and keeps them warm in the winter, but it may also keep them cool in the summer. It also helps to protect their skin from sunburn.

Brushing will help thin out their coat and promote adequate airflow along their skin, but it will not remove their natural sun protection as shaving would. Brushing on a regular basis also aids in the prevention of matted fur and tangles.

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Setup Indoor Activities

Setup Indoor Activities

Dogs love to play and roll over in the grass. But due to the immense heat during the summer , it’s better to shift their play zone indoors. Open the windows and turn on a fan. Also, keep them entertained with games. Spend time with them and make them feel energized.

Plan Their Walks

It's important to walk your dog daily. But during the summer, it’s important that you schedule walks with your dog early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun is away or the heatstroke is less.


The greatest approach to protect your dog from heat is to be proactive. If your dog needs to cool off, take advantage of the opportunity to bond in the shade while sipping refreshing drinks before your next expedition. This will help in maintaining your dog’s normal temperature as well as having fun.

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