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Gluten-Free vs Vegan Dog Treats: The Difference


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March 27, 2023 | Nutrition

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Gluten-Free vs Vegan Dog Treats

With all the buzz around different types of diets, we can see 'vegan' stickers or 'Gluten free' stamped on more products reaching supermarket shelves and possibly even your dog's shopping basket.

American Veterinary Medical Association found that many pet foods contained ingredients not listed on the label or had nutrient levels that differed from what was stated.

“Therefore, it is important for pet parents to be knowledgeable about reading labels to ensure that they are providing their furry companions with the best possible nutrition and avoiding any harmful ingredients”

So if you are trying to figure out what gluten-free treats and vegan dog treats exactly mean or if you should feed them to your dogs, you are at the right place.

Let's jump to know the meanings, the differences and the benefits before choosing it for our furry friends.

Gluten-free Treats

What is it: Gluten is a protein found primarily in wheat, but it can also be found in other grains such as barley, rye, and oats.

Gluten-free pet treats are those that do not contain the protein gluten.

Benefits: Cutting back on Gluten can have our dogs in for some positive effects on how they look and feel.

1. Can help the gluten-intolerant dog

Gluten allergies in dogs are uncommon, but they can occur. Your gluten-intolerant dog may experience symptoms such as vomiting or stomach problems such as diarrhea, loose stools, and gas. If this is the case, the solution is simple: eliminate gluten from your dog's diet and replace regular treats with gluten-free ones.

2. Can be Easier to Digest

So, even if your dog can handle Gluten just fine, you might want your dog to go gluten-free for digestive reasons. Gluten-free treats are easier for dogs to digest. Gluten-free options may help resolve issues in picky eater dogs and senior dogs who frequently have sensitive stomachs or other Gastrointestinal problems.

3. Can Help Your Dog's Coat

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Gluten can cause excessive itching and scratching in dogs, so avoiding gluten can help your dog's coat stay healthy.

If you are a pawrent concerned about your Doggos’ skin-related issues, do ensure to use our 100% Natural, paraben-free, and pH-balanced range of Dogee Veda Shampoos for best results.

4. Helps to keep weight in check

A gluten-free diet may help dogs lose weight and maintain a healthy weight because too many carbs can often lead to weight gain. In contrast, if dogs lack appetite due to gluten intolerance, switching to gluten-free dog food may help them gain weight.

Vegan Dog Treats

What is it: Vegan dog foods, like vegan human foods, are free of ingredients containing any animal part or byproduct. Vegan dog food may include fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes such as soya, nuts, vegetable oils, and other non-animal-based foods.

Benefits: Are you a dog parent wondering if your dog should really go vegan? Well, while there has always been a debate about vegan being good or bad for dogs, feeding your dog a nutritionally complete vegan is definitely beneficial, such as;

1. Improved Energy Levels

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Because of the clean, readily available nutrition, switching your dog to a vegan diet can help them regain puppy-like energy (without the negative effects of meat-based and byproduct-heavy food). Plant-based treats help Doggo experience boundless energy on their new diets, contributing to a higher quality of life.

2. Easy Digestion

Vegan formulas commonly help solve a wide range of digestive issues in dogs, from loose stool to constipation to gas. On the other hand, meat-based dog foods are frequently difficult on the digestive system due to the acidifying and inflammatory effects of animal protein.

3. Allergen-friendly

Chicken, beef, dairy, and egg are the most commonly reported food allergies in dogs, according to experts. Food allergies in dogs can cause rashes, dry and itchy skin, loose stool, constipation, gas, vomiting, eye discharge, yeast infections, and fur loss. Plant-based diets are naturally allergen-friendly, which means your dog can finally get some relief from these annoying, chronic symptoms.

4. Weight Management

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Vegan dog food formulas, made with lean and easily digestible ingredients, are an excellent choice for dogs struggling to maintain a healthy weight. Overweight dogs frequently lose weight after making the switch, allowing them to stay lean and live longer active lives.

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Woof! Let's get back…

Is gluten-free and vegan dog treats the same?

No, absolutely not! A vegan diet involves all and any plant-based food, and a gluten-free diet focuses on avoiding plant foods containing Gluten. This means all vegan diets are plant-based, but not all plant-based foods are gluten-free. While a vegan diet is often a choice, a gluten-free diet is a necessity for some dogs. Maybe you've just noticed a correlation between your dog eating Gluten and not feeling good, and you want to see if eliminating it alleviates the symptoms!

Vegan and Gluten-free treat options:  

For pet parents who think it's difficult to feed their pup a gluten-free or vegan diet that's both healthy and delicious, don't worry; we bring you options of healthy treats for dogs that are made with simple and wholesome ingredients.

1. Dogsee Gigabites - A perfect healthy snack for your dog that is made with high-quality ingredients, has the natural sweetness of honey and jaggery and is gluten-free. These dog cookies are a great choice if you are looking for a healthy and nutritious treat for your dog. 

Dogsee Gigabites

2. Dogsee Crunch - Your dog will simply love it. By rewarding your pet with these single-ingredient treats, you will provide them with a nutritious snack made from real fruit and veggies. These single-ingredient treats make up for wonderful training treats for your pooches.

Dogsee Crunch

3. Dogsee Hard Bars - These are perfect dental treats for your small as well as senior dogs. When you give hard bars to your furry friends, you know you are giving them the perfect healthy, long-lasting sticks to chew on.

 Dogsee Hard Bars

4. Dogsee Puffed Treats - These puffed and crunchy dog treats are full of nutrition and are the best soft doggie treats, whether you are looking for healthier training treats or softer chews for your dog.

Dogsee Puffed Treats

Of course, your dog doesn't have to have problems with Gluten to enjoy these treats!

Vegan or Gluten-free: Keep this in mind

Whether you are simply curious about trying a vegan or gluten-free diet for your dog or are switching to new treats for health reasons, the most important thing to remember is to provide your dog with all the necessary nutrients. To stay healthy, your dog requires a well-balanced diet- Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, and Water. Remember, anything is safe as long as it's nutritionally complete and sourced with great care.

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