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How to Boost Your Dog's Mood? | A Healthy & Happy Dog


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November 21, 2022 | Training & Behaviour

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Boost Your Dog's Mood

Emotions are one of those things that almost all living things, including humans, domestic animals, and even wild animals, possess. Similar to humans, dogs are highly emotional creatures that can feel a wide range of emotions, including joy, rage, fear, and anxiety.

It is important for pet parents to understand what emotions their pet dog or other animal is experiencing because unlike humans, dogs cannot verbally express the emotions that they are experiencing.

There’s a famous quote by Anatole France which says “Until one has an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”. Therefore having a pet is not only good for the animal but it is for us humans too.

So when our dogs are down, we as humans and their parents need to understand their emotions. If we notice or suspect they are down, it is our duty to cheer them up and give them a good time.

Read this blog to know more about dog care and how to boost your dog’s mood.

How is health related to happiness?

You may consider dog vitamins and supplements such a Dogsee Activet+ when it comes to your dog's health, but there are other ways to maintain their well-being. Your dog is loyal, loving, and mercilessly forgiving. You have a responsibility to keep your pet happy and healthy. Some people might not understand why a pet needs to be content and how their happiness affects their health.

Depression is among the most prominent examples of the link between health and happiness. When a person is happy, they automatically feel energised and optimistic about their lives, which makes them healthy because they experience less stress, which maintains their heart rate at a healthy and natural speed. However, when a person is depressed or in a negative frame of mind, they experience tension, anxiety, and restlessness, which will automatically increase their heart rate, leading to an unhealthy mind and heart. Dogs experience the same thing. If a dog is mentally happy, they will have normal heart rates and good mental and emotional states, which will have a direct impact on their health. On the other hand, if a dog is not happy, they will have abnormal heart rates and bad mental and emotional states.

We can therefore draw the conclusion that a happy mind, whether it belongs to a human being or a dog, is very important and has many positive direct and indirect effects on one's health.

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How to keep a dog happy and healthy?

1. Give your dog a job so that he will have something to do while you are away

Dogs can act inappropriately when their natural instincts are not allowed to run free, regardless of whether they were bred for hunting or herding.

  • Make an obstacle course where your dog can navigate to his preferred treats by following a scent.

  • Give him toys that involve food puzzles, like Treatoy, to keep his mind active.

  • Leaving him a lot of chew toys will help. These will not only make his teeth and jaw stronger, but they will also stop him from gnawing on your shoes.

  • Employ someone to play with your pet while you're away, such as a dog walker.

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2. Make sure your pet is socialised

Isolating him or keeping him at home all day can be bad for his emotional health and make him fearful when he finally interacts with other people or dogs. But always remember to consider your dog's personality so you are aware of his socialisation thresholds.

  • Go for a walk with your dog, take him to the dog park, or arrange playdates for him with other people and their dogs. Getting your dog accustomed to being around other dogs is the aim.

  • To help your dog get used to other people, have a trusted friend watch over your pet once a week.

3. Train your dog

By clearly outlining your expectations for him, you'll not only give him more mental stimulation but also deepen your relationship with your dog. And one of the easiest ways to train your dog is through training treats. Choose a brand such Dogsee who makes great quality delicious treats and try their different treats to train your dog.

4. Take charge and responsibility

Your dog needs to be loved and cared for, but remember that he is first and foremost a tribal animal. Without structure and consistency in his life, your dog will become disoriented, so be sure you stay in your place.

  • He can only play when he is relaxed and receptive.

  • When your dog complies with your instructions, treat him to something special.

  • Your dog should be behind or next to you when you go for a walk.

5. Keep your dog's confidence up

Whether you believe it or not, your dog does have a sense of self-worth, and there are things you, as their parent, can do to maintain it. When your dog learns a new trick and achieves other goals, give them praise.

  • Keep in mind that the tone of your voice when speaking to your pet is crucial; praise should sound different from a command.

6. Give your dog a wholesome, well-balanced diet

When an animal can exercise, he is happiest, and in order to do so, he needs to eat wholesome food. The food you give your dog will depend on his age, level of energy, and any potential allergies. If you're going the commercial route, it's always best to use organic, grain-free kibble. Some veterinarians, though, strongly advocate feeding dogs "people food." Dog-friendly human foods include:

  • Unsalted, raw peanut butter

  • Baby carrots

  • Pumpkin

  • Beans

  • Apple slices

  • Oatmeal

  • Healthy Treats

How to Boost Your Dog's Mood?

1. Make meals enjoyable - This is excellent for any dog that consumes food far too quickly. Your dog will be entertained and meal times will be slowed down by a puzzle toy that you can stuff with treats or food. Treats and food hidden in toys and boxes for your cat can also be beneficial. Make it entertaining and a game.

The Dogsee treatoy is ideal for piquing your dog's interest in what's inside and is great to maintain their dental hygiene.

2. Discover New Places - Alright, so it's not like you're going to fly off into a far-off land, but taking your dog for a walk down a different street or an extra few blocks in your neighbourhood could cheer her up. Just enough to get their brains working, their tails wagging, and their hearts content are new smells, new places to poop, and new sights. So whenever you go for a walk, try a new route or make adjustments to an established one and in exchange of that try treating them with some tasty treats such as Dogsee Puffed treats just to appreciate them for being with you.

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3. Appreciate for good behaviour - While it may be tempting to try to cheer up our dogs by giving them treats to lift their spirits, doing so could only serve to reinforce their negative emotions by instilling in them the belief that receiving bad things is a good thing.

Inappropriate behaviour shouldn't be rewarded with treats, so we must be careful. Try to encourage your dog to engage in enjoyable and healthy activities, such as going for walks or engaging in doggie socialisation.

Give them a treat or reward such as Dogsee crunch treats as soon as you start to notice that they are happier.


There you have it. These are the reasons why health and happiness for your dog is so important and how you can boost your dog’s mood.

If you look closely, if you feed your dog with healthy and tasty food and treats it solves multiple problems, be it physical health or emotional or mental health therefore be sure to treat your dog with healthy tasty treats.

Be sure to always give or provide a happy and safe environment to your dog so that they feel safe and relaxed. If we successfully do so we will automatically notice our bond getting even stronger with our pets and it will overall make the whole environment fun and relaxed.

Now that we know the importance of good healthy dog treats, in keeping them healthy and happy lets be sure to provide them with the best treats possible and so here is a brand that makes amazing dog treats that are made with natural ingredients and are full of taste which will fulfil your dogs cravings while providing them with all the good nutrients. And so to buy dog treats don’t forget to check out our website.

And If you're looking for more dog-related blogs, be sure to check out our blog section where you can read about a vast variety of dog related content which may help you understand your dogs in a better way.

It’s always good to be updated with dos and don'ts as pet parents as it makes you mindful of how to take good care of your dog in the best possible way, be it in terms of mental health or physical health.

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