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The Making of Himalayan Cheese Chews


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December 22, 2023 | Nutrition

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Making of Himalayan Cheese Chews

We can’t believe, it's 8 years since we ventured into crafting all-natural, tasty, and wholesome dog treats.

Back in 2015, when we started, most dog chew options were made of rawhide - a byproduct of the leather industry. The issue? Rawhide often undergoes treatment with potent chemicals and preservatives, posing a significant threat to our furry friend’s well-being.

Our founder's love for Doggos and their quest for safer alternatives led them to the remote corners of the upper Himalayas where they observed local Gaddi dogs steal Churpi cheese and kept on chewing - that became a spark of inspiration.

Its bone-like hardness, nutritional richness, and irresistible taste, make it undeniably the best alternative to the perilous rawhides. Thus Dogsee was born with a promise to provide sustainably sourced Himalayan Dog chews for good bois and gurls.

In this blog, we’d love to walk you through the step-by-step process of sourcing our premium Himalayan cheese chews, its benefits for your pups' dental health, storage guidelines, faqs, and more!

The Process of Making Himalayan Cheese Chews:

1. Himalayas, yaks & people:

Himalayas, yaks & people

It all begins up here in the Himalayas, 3,000 meters above sea level. Mountain animals graze freely in these luscious, green pastures.

With gently rushing streams, a crisp climate, and panoramic views that steal the breath away, one can say for sure, that Mother Nature is at her utmost excellence here.

The people and animals in the Himalayan villages lead a simple life untouched by any modern intervention. Added to that, the milk produced by these animals is highly nutritious and rich in protein.

That’s why, the milk for our cheese chews is sourced right from here! The quality, nutrition, and taste are, without doubt, the very best nature can offer to our Doggos.

Our mission is to provide doggos with the best dog chews is not just a slogan; it’s deeply rooted in our values and the work that we do.

2. Milking process:

Milking process

The first step is to collect the milk of these free-grazing Himalayan yaks and cows. We partner with 7,000 farmers from 150 villages to source the milk.

Our cruelty-free and sustainable practices, ensure our animals are looked upon with love and care, lacking nothing for their well-being.

boiled and stirred churpi cheese

The collected milk is then boiled and stirred until it thickens to form the Churpi cheese that forms the heart of our treats.

3. Hand Churning and smoke-drying:

Hand Churning and smoke-drying

The next step is Churning up the cheese! We follow a centuries-old traditional hand-churning technique to shape the Churpi Cheese into bar-like forms, ensuring an easy and enjoyable chewing experience.

Once churned,  it is sent to be smoke-dried for 35 days. This gives our bars the bone-like extra hardness.

Post this, these bars are stored safely in special containers and sent to our factories for further packaging and export.

4. Quality checks, packing & woof-ready:

Quality checks, packing & woof-ready

Finally, the Himalayan cheese chews then make their way to our State-of-the-art packing facility in Bengaluru, India.

The hard bars received from Himalayan farms are tested for quality, stored safely, and packaged in our carbon-negative factories.

On a side note: We are among the very few pet treat brands from India that have an FDA (USA) license for exports. Additionally, we are certified by globally recognized standards such as BRCGS, HACCP, ISO 22000, FASSI, and more, assuring unwavering quality and safety.

Once packed, our bars are all set to be sent to our furry friends across the globe for a healthy and tasty chewing experience.

What makes our Cheese chews most loved by pets and pawrents?

It’s just awesome, every time we think of it that, since our inception, our bars have found a permanent place in the furry homes of more than 50 M+ Pet Parents. 

Every pic, video, or comment they share about how much their fur babies adore our chews is so heartwarming to see.  

We’ll let our customers do the talking now, check out these testimonials.

Mr.Robiul Haq Enchanting Pet Shop & Grooming

Rumi’s pawrents on Hard Bar

himalayan cheese chews

Our chews now are available in two tasty flavors: cheese and turmeric. While both flavors are excellent for dental health, the Turmeric flavor is rich in curcumin and inflammatory properties, they help in improving the immunity of your pup.

You can choose from 3 different sizes: small, medium, and large bars, based on their chew activity. The large bars comparatively are more long-lasting when compared to the other bars.

Feel free to experiment with different sizes to find the perfect fit for your doggo.

Natural, Nutritious & Safe

Natural Nutritious Safe Chews

Churpi cheese as mentioned earlier is naturally nutritious. The above infographic will help you understand the nutrient composition of these chews better.

Dental Benefits of Himalayan Cheese Chews for Doggo

1. Help fight plaque & tartar:

The hard texture of cheese chews helps remove plaque and tartar from your pup’s teeth, which is a sticky film containing bacteria.

Since many dogs are reluctant to get brushed, regular chewing on dental chews becomes an excellent supplement to oral care activities.

2. Freshen Breath:

Bad breath is common among furry friends suffering from oral hygiene issues. Plaque & tartar build-up still adds to the problem.

Dental chews like ours with their natural breath-freshening benefit, keep their bad breath in check.

3. Improve teeth and gum health:

Dogsee cheese chews are packed with protein and calcium, vital nutrients required for teeth and bone development.

Moreover, as Dogs gnaw on the bars, it encourages increased blood flow to the gum, promoting healthier gum tissue, and reducing the risk of gum disease and tooth loss.

4. Provide mental stimulation:

Dogs are natural chewers, be it floor mats, shoes, kitchen wipes, and whatnot! They love chewing. But it's essential to develop a healthy chewy behavior.

Dental chews are excellent treats to ease their teething pain and also control their destructive behavior.

Also, the crackling sound produced during chewing is mentally stimulating and keeps them busy for hours.

Storage Guidelines

Once your pooch is done chewing the Dogsee chews for the day, this is what you can do with the chew bars to re-use them later.

Step 1: Gently clean the chew bars with water, and dry them off with a cloth.

Step 2: Place it on a counter or in a cupboard, allowing it to air-dry. Refrigerating is not recommended as this will result in moisture loss and cause the chew to become brittle and crack.

Step 3: Himalayan chews are super hard, if you’d love to make them a bit soft & crunchy for your Doggo, microwave chews for 1 minute, let it cool, and then feed it to your doggo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Are Dogsee chews easily digestible?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. All our treats are gluten and grain-free. Added to that they are low in fat and lactose, making them suitable for lactose-intolerant or diary-sensitive Doggos.

2. Are these chews safe for puppies?

Answer: It’s advised not to feed puppies (below 6 months) any treats apart from the ones suggested by your Vet, because their digestive and immune system are still under development. It could also cause a choking hazard if not consumed without supervision or guidance.

3. Can these dental chews replace regular brushing?

Answer: Dental chews are surely an excellent way to supplement a dog’s oral care by helping to control bad breath, plaque, and tartar buildup.

But brushing remains essential for effective cleaning. Both dental chews and brushing have their benefits and they cannot replace each other.

Do check out this blog if you’re interested in learning effective ways to keep your pups’ dental hygiene in check - A Dog Owner's Guide to Proper Dental Hygiene.

4. Does Himalayan cheese chews have any artificial flavors and added preservatives?

Answer: No, never. All our chews are 100% natural and safe.

Our chemical-free processing, coupled with traditional hand-churning churpi cheese-making techniques, prioritizes the health and safety of your dog.

5. What are other benefits of Dogsee chews apart from Dental health?

Answer: In addition to dental benefits, chewing on these hard chews helps provide excellent jaw exercise for doggos.

It can also be used as a healthy training treats. It’s an excellent reward option for hungry pups ready to do anything for treats!

Say Cheese: Final thoughts- Flavourful plans ahead

And there you go, that’s a glimpse of what goes into making our premium Himalayan Cheese Chews. We hope you found every bit of this blog interesting.

At Dogsee, we are continuously striving to provide the finest natural treat options for Doggos.

Well, before we sign off, we have some exciting announcements to make! Our cheese bars will soon be launched in 10 delicious new flavors, woof! We are sure Fur babies are gonna love them.

Do follow us on our socials to get updates on our new launches, informative pet parenting tips, and more.



That’s it for this blog, thanks a lot for reading. Have a great day.

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