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Which natural dog chews are healthy & safest for dogs and why?


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March 17, 2022 | Hygiene & Care

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Being a dog parent leaves you with two very important decisions to make - give your dogs all natural dog chews or let them find something they can chew on ( usually it means destruction of your shoes, rugs, favourite scarf etc.). Usually, dog treats for puppies help them only get the necessary nutritional content but all-natural dog chews help them even more! For dogs, chewing is a natural behaviour as it helps young ones clean their teeth, move and strengthen their jaw, and give them something to do when you're busy and they’re feeling restless.

We have searched for the best all natural dog chews for your dog and have come up with the following list :

Puffy Bars: Soft Dental Treats For Senior Dogs

Got a doggo that's a fan of cheesy treats? Does his age restrict him from chewing on hard treats ? We at dogsee believe that he should enjoy every hrd treat to his heart's content without any difficulty and we‘ve picked out the best dog treats for senior dogs! Dogsee Chews’ Puffy Bars are the ideal soft bars not just play a role in improving and maintaining your dogs health it also helps in digestion and overall health of his gut. This makes it perfect for an older doggo.

Sourced from the himalayas, the cheese is smoked and sundried to reach the perfect hardness for satisfying your doggo. These puffy bras are high in protein (59.2%) and low-fat (5.2%) treats are 100% natural and completely free from grain, gluten, and preservatives.

Because of their uneven shape they help remove plaque and tartar build up and their natural ingredients help your dog's breath to improve.

Turmeric Mini Pops: Mini bite-sized Dog Training Treats

Did you know that turmeric for your dog can help improve his health? The turmeric in these dog treats contain curcumin that helps support the immune system and joint health, While the low fat content helps your pup maintain his weight. These can be also used as dog treats for puppies during their training sessions.

Sourced from the himalayas, the cheese is smoked and sundried to reach the perfect hardness for satisfying your pup. These treats are high in Protein (in 59.2%) and contain Crude Fat (Min 5.2%) Fiber (Min 5.9%)  Moisture (Max 10.0 %). They are 100% natural and completely free from grain, gluten, and preservatives.

Puffies: Bite-Sized Dog Training Treats

Training sessions with your dogs are bound to be way more fun when you have bite-sized chews in hand. These hand-crafted, cheesy treats are smoked and sundried to perfection so that their taste and texture are exactly what’s gonna make your dog go crazy over them. These easy-to-feed dog treats are the best treats in terms of nutrition ( Crude Protein: Min 59.2%, Crude Fat: Min 5.2%, Moisture: Max 10%, Fibre: Min 5.9% ). They help provide energy and maintain your dog's weight.

Turmeric Medium Bars: Long-Lasting Dental Chews for Medium Dogs

Do you have a dog who finds regular chews too boring and small? Well, we’ve found the perfect chewies for him. A daily boost of nourishment for your doggo can be provided through Dogsee Chews’ Turmeric Bars. They are rich in Protein (Min 74.7%) Crude Fat: (10.0%) and Moisture: (4.6%).

These long lasting dental chews for dogs can keep them chewing for a while and they never get bored of its taste or texture.The turmeric helps strengthen his immune system and also has anti-inflammatory properties. The super hard nature of the bars also help manage plaque and tartar. An added bonus after your dog's fun and exhausting task of finishing his chewies - the fresh breath brought on by the natural ingredients. 


Dog chews are available in all sizes and flavours, however choosing processed dog chews not only leaves room for your dogs to ingest dangerous chemicals and preservatives but also changed their physical appearance. With natural dog chews, your dog will only be provided with a natural source of nutrients and not put at risk of ingesting chemicals that may call nutritional imbalances, diseases and gut problems. They also help in maintaining excellent dental health.

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