good dog treats

Just like us, dogs love to snack. In fact, food is the most enticing tool that will get your dog motivated to pay attention to you and listen to you. This is exactly why pet parents rely on giving treats to their littles ones - and sometimes, a little too much. 


Moreover, they get sucked into buying treats that are completely unhealthy. Even pet parents that feed their pooches a healthy meal primarily made of homemade, dehydrated or natural raw food give their little ones commercial pet treats loaded with chemicals, and toxins. While treats only make up a small portion of their diet, it’s important to give them healthy treats that support good health. Why feed your natural, healthy dog food only to pile on unhealthy treats full of toxins- it makes no sense!


The main reason pet parents do this is because of the lack of information on good dog treats and bad dog treats. How can you tell the difference when there aren’t many trustworthy articles as there are about pet food. And, that is why we’re going to give you the low-down on treats that support your pets health, and the ones that deteriorate their health.