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Best 8 Healthy Vegetarian Treats for Training Your Dog


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May 17, 2022 | Training & Behaviour

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Healthy Vegetarian Treats

Healthy dog treats do not necessarily have to be meat-based teats. Vegetarian dog treats actually provide your dog with essential nutrients and vitamins that regular kibble might not. Vegetarian treats also contribute to great gut health. They also provide your little buddy with the best and delicious natural flavours! Certain fruits and vegetables can be a nutritious addition to your pet's diet. We've picked up 8 vegetarian dog treats that your pups will surely adore. So let’s get started.

Vegetarian Dog Treats Online

Turmeric Hard Bars-Small/Medium/Large

Turmeric Hard Bars

Rawhides, antlers, and bully sticks are unhealthy alternatives to these treats. Bully sticks, rawhides, and antlers are too harsh for a dog's teeth, and they can break them. When your dog chews on these Himalayan cheese chews, they soften and support good oral health by battling plaque and tartar. They're all-natural, high in minerals and antioxidants, and free of preservatives, artificial colours, and chemicals, making them a healthier alternative to meat-based dog treats. The key benefits of hard chew bars. It helps with plaque and tartar management

  • Turmeric has a high medicinal property

  • It is long-lasting and keeps dogs occupied for a long time

  • The cheesy flavour refreshes the breath

Soft Dental Treats for Senior Dogs

Soft Dental Treats for Senior Dogs

If you have a senior dog at home, they may not be able to chew on the hard bars. You'll need something softer because the firmness will irritate their teeth and gums. Puffy Bars are soft Himalayan dog biscuits that are suitable for senior dogs. These are not only gentle on the teeth and gums, but they also have a cheesy, crunchy flavour. The primary advantages

  • The uneven texture aids plaque and tartar removal

  • The rich flavour aids in breath freshening

  • They are simple to digest 

Mini-Pops: Mini-Bite-Size Training Treats

Mini-Bite-Size Training Treats

Dogsee Chew's Mini Bite-Sized Dog Training Treats will give your dog something to look forward to during training sessions! To make training more enjoyable, these bite-sized, delectable treats are made with 100% natural ingredients and traditional Himalayan methods.These easy-to-feed treats are smoked and sundried to perfection for 35 days, giving them the right crunch and flavour. They're also high in protein and low in fat, which gives you energy and helps you maintain your weight, so you can spoil your dog without feeling guilty. These himalayan mini dog biscuits will have your dog begging for more! The primary advantages

  • Your dog is low in fat, so you may spoil him without worrying about his weight

  • A high protein concentration aids in energy production

  • They're easy to eat and bite-sized, so you can grab a handful and utilise them to make your workouts more productive and enjoyable

Puffies: Bite-Sized Training Treats

Puffies: Bite-Sized Training Treats

Dogsee Chew's greatest veg dog treats can make your training sessions with your little one a lot more enjoyable and rewarding. These cheesy soft dog treats are handcrafted in the Himalayas and smoked and sun-dried to perfection for over 35 days to get the perfect flavour and texture. These treats turn crunchy when heated, making them ideal for puppy training. These bite-sized snacks are easy to feed and have a delectable cheesy flavour that will delight your pet. The finest veg dog treats in terms of nutrition are high in protein, which provides energy, and low in fat, which helps keep the dog's weight in check. The primary advantages

  • It is protein-rich, which aids in energy production

  • low in fat, which aids in weight loss

  • They're great for training your dog

  • Minimum fibre content: 5.9%

Turmeric Mini Pops

Turmeric Mini Pops

Dogsee Chew's Turmeric Mini Bite-Sized Dog Training Treats are super healthy dog treats! These delectable treats are created in the Himalayas using only natural ingredients and are high in antioxidants and protein, making them a guilt-free pleasure. Turmeric's curcumin promotes immunological and joint health, while its low fat content prevents your dog from putting on weight. They're also the perfect size for grabbing a handful and making rewards even more thrilling for your pup. They also serve as healthy snacks for dogs! The primary advantages

  • They are low in fat to aid weight loss, so you can indulge in as many snacks as you like

  • High protein content to help give your child the energy they require

  • Curcumin promotes robust immunity and healthy joints

  • Bite-sized training snacks that make training enjoyable and rewarding

Coconut Mini Pops

Coconut Mini Pops

Dogsee Chew's Coconut Mini Pops will help you perform at your best throughout training. These super-delicious vegetarian dog treats are handcrafted in the Himalayas with real coconuts to make training a breeze. So, when you're repeatedly practising orders, your dog will be delighted to keep completing them only to obtain another taste! These 100 percent natural coconut training snacks are high in dietary fibre and protein. It also helps maintain a healthy gut and offer energy. These yummy treats makes training a nutritious and enjoyable experience. They make delicious and healthy snacks for dogs. The primary advantages

  • Dietary fibre is beneficial to intestinal health.

  • The high protein content aids in providing much-needed energy for workouts.

  • It's low in fat, so you won't have to worry about your dog gaining weight.

Beetroot Crunch 

Beetroot Crunch 

These single-ingredient snacks are a healthier alternative to treats because they are prepared with natural fruits and vegetables and have no added colours, chemicals, or preservatives, in contrast to mass-produced dog treats that are excessively processed with chemicals. These meat free dog treats are adaptable and can be used for training, as a reward for excellent conduct, or simply to lavish extra love on your child. The primary advantages

  • Contributes to the production of red blood cells and haemoglobin

  • Aids in the improvement of immunity

Banana Crunch  

Banana Crunch  

These single-ingredient healthy snacks for dogs are prepared with natural fruits and vegetables and have no added colours, chemicals, or preservatives, in contrast to mass-produced dog treats that are excessively processed with chemicals. These fruit and veggie treats are adaptable and can be used for training, as a reward for excellent conduct, or simply to lavish extra love on your doggo. The primary advantages

  • Aids in the development of muscles and bones

  • Aids the production of proteins and hormones

  • Natural antioxidant source

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Giving your pets vegetarian and vegan dog treats is fine as long as they stay treats and do not replace their meat-based dietary demands. These healthy vegan or vegetarian treats for dogs play a vital role in training sessions. The better the treatment, the more successful the training. Make sure your dog enjoys his yummy treats that also make him healthier. Not sure what you need for training sessions?

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