chews for 8 week old puppy

Puppy teeth start to emerge as early as 3 weeks after birth, and by the age of 6–8 weeks, they develop all their baby teeth. Raising a puppy through its teething period is intense as it has a tendency to chew on anything and everything, including cables and chair legs, if not provided with safe chews.

Do not let your puppy chew on anything that is harder than its own teeth, as baby teeth are brittle and can break easily. Dogsee Chew offers a wide variety of safe dog chew sticks to help puppies calm their nerves:

Puppy Chew Sticks - Small Bar

Chewing undeniably soothes the pain of teething for a puppy as well as distracts them from boredom. Most dogs suffer from dental problems due to the uncured plaque buildup during their life as puppies.

Dogsee Chew offers small bars rich in protein and calcium, which help them be entertained for a great deal of time. These puppy chew sticks are not only cheesy and delicious but also help keep the teeth free from plaque, tartar, and any sort of residue. The turmeric content in these dog chew sticks are antioxidants and have the benefit of being anti-inflammatory and therapeutic .They are proven to be safer than dog bones and prevents destructive chewing.

Mini Bite-Sized Crunchy Treats

Treats come in handy while training your puppy and keep them motivated. Handcrafted in the Himalayas with the goodness of Cow and Yak Milk  which are rich in protein, help puppies to stay active and energised during training sessions. These puppy treats are low in fat content as well so your puppy will get the best of both worlds.

Freeze Dried Puppy Treats

Freeze-dried puppy treats carry the benefit of being decay-free for up to a long time. They are convenient to feed and rich in nutrients. Various flavours of these treats are available on the market, such as beetroot, apple, and banana which help in the formation of haemoglobin and red blood cells, the development of a shiny coat, and the growth of muscles and bones.

Even though there are various chew toys available which can be filled with yummy treats on the market, Dogsee Chew recommends using the above puppy chews and treats which have less risk of any sort of choking hazard.

So keep an eye on your puppies while they play, chew, and have fun, because these adorable little ones will grow up in no time!

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