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Common Misconceptions about Hard Chews for Puppies


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December 31, 2020 | Parenting

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If you're a puppy parent or a first-time dog parent, you’ve probably gone down the rabbit hole of hard chews research. With many contradictory articles on the internet, it can be hard to know which one to follow. To make your life easier, we are going to debunk some common dog myths regarding hard chews for puppies.

Common Myths About Hard Chews

  • Hard Chews are Unhealthy

This is one of the most common dog myths. Hard Chews can be unhealthy if you buy mass manufactured hard chews that are highly processed. When they are highly processed, any nutrients that were there, to begin with, are sucked away. But if you opt for minimally processed hard chews crafted for puppies, these healthy dog chews can provide a lot of health benefits such as dental cleaning, removing/preventing plaque and tartar buildup, and keeping your puppy’s breath minty-fresh between proper cleaning sessions. 

  • If I Already Get Treats for Training, I Don’t Need to Get Hard Chews

Hard chews for puppies and training treats serve different purposes. Training treats are used during training sessions to get your puppy to focus during the entire length. And beyond training sessions, they are valuable when you want to practice those commands in your everyday life. Giving a quick training treat along with verbal praise will help instill good behavior.

Chews crafted for puppies serve an entirely different purpose. They help soothe teething puppies, redirect their energy, and minimize their biting tendencies. These chews are made to occupy your puppy for a longer time. For example, when you might be finishing up your chores around the house and you need to keep your puppy away from your furniture, belongings, or your feet. In fact, if you ask your veterinarian for a solution for excessive biting or a remedy for teething, they are likely to recommend hard chews.

  • Puppies cannot Digest Hard Chews

This is again a common dog myth depending on what falls under your umbrella of “hard chews”. When dog parents think of hard chews, rawhides, bully sticks come to their mind. These rawhides and bully sticks have hard surfaces that might be “too hard” for both your puppies and adult dogs and are known to be choking hazards.

However, there are hard chews that are made of cheese, for example, that are 100% safe for your puppy to digest, and when given under supervision, won’t lead to choking or other health risks. The trick here is to be more mindful when purchasing chews for your puppies rather than avoiding them altogether. 

  • Hard Chews Contain Dangerous Chemicals and Dyes

While mass-manufactured hard chews are known to contain dangerous chemicals and dyes, that doesn’t mean all hard chews do. There are safer alternatives. When it comes to choosing the best chew snacks for puppies, opt for 100% natural chews that are human-grade and do not contain preservatives or chemicals. These hard chews contain many natural nutrients that work to protect and improve your puppy’s overall health.

  • Hard Chews are a Bribe

Hard chews by themselves aren’t a bribe. Bribery is a learned behavior that’s fostered by 

improper training. When you wag a hard chew in front of your puppy anytime he/she does something “bad” and immediately toss a hard chew without correcting the behavior, then it becomes a bribe where your puppy will only perform a behavior for said chews. 

Here is a proper training tip: if your puppy is chewing on furniture or biting your feet and you want him/her to stop that behavior. First, give a verbal command, a task for your puppy to do. You can tell him/her to simply stop. Then wait until your puppy stops biting and relaxes. Then and only then do you bring out the hard chew. Follow up with verbal praise as well so you can remove the immediate reward in the long run.

Purpose of Hard Chews for Puppies

Hard chews are some of the best chew snacks for puppies. They are also long-lasting so you don’t have to buy them as frequently as you would bite-sized treats. When you need some “me time”, complete household chores, or keep your puppy from popping into your zoom meetings, hard chews will keep them occupied and away from any dangerous items.

Hard chews are great for mental stimulation. To your puppy, long-lasting hard chews are like a puzzle or an exciting challenge. Their mind is constantly figuring out the best way to finish the chew. This prolonged activity keeps your puppy far from boredom by keeping him/her mentally challenged. It also tires them out physically as well. Think about how you feel after your workday. Similarly, focusing on the task of finishing the hard chew tires your puppy out and they’ll be napping before you know it.

Hard chews are also essential during early development. When your puppy is teething, he/she develops biting tendencies to ease the discomfort. The gnawing and chewing provide relief to your puppy. Additionally, these chews remove any plaque and tartar buildup and promote fresh breath.

Healthy Dog Chews for Puppies

Although hard chews sometimes get a bad rep of being hazardous, if you know how to pick safe chews for puppies then you can avoid these health risks. Safe and healthy dog chews do not contain preservatives, chemicals, or any artificial flavors or ingredients.

When they are handcrafted with minimal processing, you avoid running into the use of preservatives. Next time, you are purchasing hard chews, inquire about their processing and ingredients they’re made with. If a brand claims to be all-natural, but you don’t see wholesome ingredients listed on the back, then stay away from them.

We know researching ingredients and brands are time-consuming processes so we have compiled a list of healthy dog chews for puppies.

Dogsee Chew Hard Bars

Dogsee Chew’s Hard Bars are handcrafted in the Himalayas using 100% natural ingredients such as cow and yak cheese. Additional ingredients include a pinch of salt and lime juice. That’s  it. No preservatives, chemicals, or artificial flavors go into making these hard chews.

Because these long-lasting healthy dog chews are made using 100% natural ingredients, they fuel your puppy with natural nutrients that aid your puppy’s development. They are crafted to the perfect shape, texture, and size so your puppy can reap the full benefits. The hard texture and cheesy flavor work to keep plaque and tartar at bay and freshen breath.

If that’s not enough, Dogsee Chew has another variety of hard chews infused with turmeric. These turmeric hard chews contain powerful antioxidants that are known to support joint health, boost immunity, and alleviate pain and inflammation in addition to improving overall health.

Long Lasting Turmeric Dental Chews for Small Dogs

Now that the myths are officially debunked, be sure to pick up these healthy dog chews that’ll have your little one’s tail wagging and mind stimulated!

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