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Did you know your Dog has a Love Language?


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March 07, 2022 | Parenting

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know your Dog has a Love Language

The phrase "love language" refers to how you express your feelings for someone. Hugs, kisses, gifts, and quality time together are common ways for humans to express their love and affection. Love language is also an evident part of dog behavior.

And you can show your love for dogs by playing with them or showering them with the best dog treats and plenty of dog gifts. But did you know that dogs use dog language to express their love? We don't mean they talk to us.

We all know that a dog's love is unconditional, but do you know how they express their feelings for you through dog love languages?

Here are a few tips to help you understand dog body language and ensure that your dogs express their love for you.

Tail Wagging

Tail Wagging

A dog's tail can convey a variety of emotions. When they're happy about being given the best and healthy dog treats, or when they're relaxed on the couch next to you, they'll show it by wagging their tail and smiling.

So the next time you see your dog wagging their tail when they see you, it's probably because they're remembering, "I love you so much and am so glad you're finally home!"

A dog who wags their tail is a happy dog!

Following you around

Dogs are known for their loyalty because they are descended from wolves. Sociability is an important aspect of their pack bond.

Another sign of love in dogs is how they follow you around and stay by your side all day. Besides taking it up during dog training, if you notice your dog following you it means they want to spend time with you.

Dogs' desire to never be separated from you is an expression of their love and loyalty. This is also why they are worried and sad when you leave. 

When you get home, you can make your dog feel better by giving him the best dog treats!

Freeze-Dried Beet Dog Treats

Licking You

Does your doggo lick your feet while you read a book or watch TV? Well, that’s another dog love language that means that they love you!

Another trait from wolf-ish characteristics is that they would lick a loved one's face to indicate that they were hungry or express gratitude.

Today in dog language licking you translates to an expression of how much love they have for you.

Leaning/Sitting on You

Dogs will express their love and affection for you through specific acts of physical touch. They only allow those they trust within their physical space.

This is why an upset dog never goes near a person as they do not want to express affection to that person.

If your dog is leaning on you, jumping onto your lap for cuddles, or resting their nose or paw on you, they're probably saying, "I love and trust you."

They also enjoy sleeping with you in the same way that wolf packs do. Best way to return the love and affection is by giving your little one some dog cookies!

Apple and Peanut Cookies for Dogs

Playing with you

Have you ever been overjoyed when your pet brings over his dog toy, chewie, rope, or ball?

This is dog language for telling you that they love you and enjoy spending time with you doing activities! After a long day of play, reward your child with a tasty treat!

Is your dog acting lethargic and showing no interest in playing with toys? Make sure they aren’t facing any undetected dog health issues.

A major reason why your dog may not be as energetic would be because of lack of nutrition. Make sure you give your dog healthy dog supplements along with their meals.

dog playing with rope

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So the next time you're not sure whether your dog is just tolerating you or loves you, you'll know how to tell the difference.

Don't worry if you don't consistently exhibit the aforementioned behaviors; every dog is different and has a different dog love language.

It's important to remember that every dog is different, and some may express their love and affection in different ways than others.

Understanding your dog's body language and behaviour can help you form a stronger bond and deepen your relationship with them.

You can always entice them with Dogsee Treats and other treats!

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