Did you know your dog has a love language?

Love language, as the phrase suggests, is how you show you love someone. Human beings tend to show love and affection through hugs, kisses, buying gifts, and spending quality time together. And expressing love to dogs can be done by playing with them or showering them with delicious Treats. But, did you know that dogs express love in dog language? No, we don’t mean they speak to us. We all know a dog's love is unconditional, but do you know how they express how much they love you? Here are a few ways that can help you understand dog language and be sure that your dogs tell you they love you.

Tail Wagging

Tail Wagging

A dog expresses countless emotions through the positioning of its tail. When they’re happy about being given the best treats, or relaxed on the couch next to you they would show it by simply wagging their tail often with a smile on their face. So the next time you see your dog wagging their tail when they see you, they're probably thinking “I love you so much and so happy you’re finally home!”

Spending time and following you around

As descendants of wolves, dogs are famous for their loyalty. Their bond with the pack sociability is a key characteristic. Another dog language for love is how they follow you around and stay by your side throughout the day. Their want to never be separated from you is a way of expressing dogs' love and loyalty. This is also why they feel anxious and sad when you leave home. You can get your doggo feeling better with the best dog treats when you do get back home!

Licking you

Does your doggo lick your feet while you read a book or watch TV? It’s probably his way of telling you that he loves you! Another trait from wolf-ish characteristics is that they would lick a loved one's face to indicate that they were hungry or express gratitude. Today in dog language licking you translates to an expression of how much love they have for you.

Leaning/Sitting on You

It is a true doggy fact that dogs will convey their love and affection for you by certain acts of physical touch. If your pooch is leaning on you, hopping onto your lap for snuggles, or resting their nose or paw on you it probably means he’s saying “I love and trust you”. They also love to sleep with you like how wolf packs sleep together.

Playing with you

Dog Playing with Rope

Ever felt happy when your furry friend brings over his chew toy, rope, or ball? Well, this is dog language for when they want to tell you that they love you and enjoy spending time doing activities together! After a tiring playtime with your little one, make sure they enjoy a yummy treat!

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So the next time you wonder if your dog is just tolerating you or loves you, you’ll know how to figure it out. Don't worry if you don’t consistently show the above behaviours as each dog is different. You can always win their love with Dogsee Chew Treats and more! Ever wondered how you can tell if your dog is lonely?

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