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Do Himalayan Dog Bars Boost Your Dog’s Digestive System and Immunity?


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March 24, 2022 | Hygiene & Care

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Do Himalayan Dog Bars Boost Your Dog’s Digestive System and Immunity?

There are many tasty and 'healthy' dog treats available in the field of dog treats. It can be a painstaking process to choose the ideal reward that wouldn't harm your dog.

If you're a dog parent with a young child that enjoys chewing on things like TV remote controls and table legs, you might want to get them a chew toy.

The majority of parents choose a dry, undoubtedly decomposing dog bone. However, we at Dogsee believe that your dog deserves the finest.

You may have heard about Himalayan dog chews while browsing the many dog products and treats available.

To meet the demands of your dog, these innovative hard dog treats are produced in a range of textures and sizes.

It’s treat O’clock somewhere!

But, what exactly is a Himalayan dog treat? 

Himalayan dog chews are healthy dog bars created made of cow/yak milk. The hard bars, in modest amounts, consist of milk, salt and lime juice. These ingredients are what makes the hard bars delicious and nutritive.

The hard treat softens just enough as your dog eats and licks it to allow your dog to enjoy his treat without any bother. They resemble the cheese sticks but are a bit more hard.

Himalayan dog treats improve good oral health for dogs since they have an impact on their general dental health, effectively acting as cheesy hard chews treats. It removes the plaque and debris with the help of its texture. The chew makes your dog's breath smell better.

Let's talk about the Health Benefits.

dog with lady

The nutritious, free-range Nepalese yaks and cow’s milk used to make the himalayan chews help your dog's digestive system. The hard chews are safe for your dog's digestive tract and devoid of any bacterial growth. So, these treats prove to be the best digestive treats for dogs.

The hard bar shows its value in terms of both time and money by lasting for several hours. Protein content is typically high in Himalayan chews. There are no hazardous chemicals or preservatives in yak or cow milk.

Many Himalayan communities have experimented with various techniques throughout the years to come up with the ideal texture and mixture for dog chews for your healthy dog.

Yak cheese, the major ingredient, boosts your dog's immunity. Himalayan chew bars are digestible because they are made without the use of artificial components.

These dog chew and treats help your dog's digestive tract and are organically more nutrient-dense.

Himalayan dog chew bars are ideal since they don't contain bulk-fillers, letting your dog eat only the amount they require to maintain optimum energy levels.

These protein-rich chews are made in a very hygienic atmosphere with high altitudes, which is crucial because they contain healthy amounts of Omega-3 and calcium. This further helps improve your dog’s immune system.

Mental Health 

Dog Treat

Have you ever experienced your dog having chewed through your sofa or the legs of a table when you’ve left him at home alone? It’s probably not him trying to be naughty but exhibiting common tells of separation anxiety.

At Dogsee, we think mental and physical health is super important. Our hard bar treats also allow your dogs to release pent-up anxiety, in the most fun and delicious way.

Just give your doggo a healthy himalayan dog chew before you head out! Keeping your dog busy with their chew stick also helps improve focus and function. Your dog is continually using some of his brain and concentration as he likes his dog chew.

So, besides keeping your dog busy, you’re also helping his mind stay sharp!. 

Finding the perfect Fit: Taste, Size and Nutrition

Turmeric Dental Chews

We must take the dog's age, size, and nutritional requirements into account while choosing the flavors and sizes of himalayan dog chews.

If you're wondering how we might improve your dog’s immune system, we suggest giving your dog hard bars incorporated with turmeric.

Turmeric aids in preventing granulomas, a condition in which the skin becomes irritated due to persistent picking, in addition to being a great immune booster for dogs. 

Since turmeric has anti-inflammatory characteristics, it is advised to apply turmeric to damaged skin. Thus our Turmeric hard bars offer many health benefits.

We have good news for you if you're concerned that your child will choke on a hard bar. You may choose the ideal turmeric hard chew treat for your dog from a variety offered by Dogsee in a variety of sizes.

These firm bars are a safe treat for dogs because they are vegetarian, of human-grade, and don't contain preservatives. They are made of:

  • Minimum 74.7% crude protein

  • Fat, crude: 10%

  • 4.6% moisture.

  • Fiber: 0%

They offer a healthy substitute for rawhide, antlers, and sticks that are too tough for a dog's teeth and occasionally even shatter them. Himalayan hard bars show to be the ideal treat that promotes comfort and wellness for your dogs as it grows soft while they chew on them. Are you hesitant to give your dogs cheese?

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Puffy Bars

Dogs can benefit from Himalayan treats' health properties.

A healthy and nutritious dog treat is like a breath of fresh air in this day of processed dog chews and exciting dog chew toys. Take Prince here on our instagram for example!

Himalayan snacks are all-natural and free of any synthetic ingredients, preservatives, or chemicals.

In contrast to some other types of treats that could include dangerous substances, they are therefore a safer and healthier choice for dogs.

Turmeric hard bars will keep your doggos content because they taste fantastic and are nutritious. So, what are you waiting for? Get them Dogsee’s delicious hard bars now! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is it safe to give dogs yak cheese?

Answer: Yes, yak cheese, which is the main ingredient in Himalayan dog treats, is generally safe for dogs to consume. Yak cheese is a natural and high-quality source of protein and calcium, and it is also low in fat and lactose, which makes it easier for dogs to digest than some other types of dairy products.

In fact, many dog owners have reported that their pets enjoy the taste and texture of Himalayan dog treats and have experienced no adverse reactions to consuming them.

2. What is another treat made of himalayan cheese that isn’t a hard bar? 

Answer: Dogsee Puffies are a kind of yak milk-based dog treat. These treats have a lighter and puffier texture than Himalayan dog chews since they are air-dried for a longer duration.

Dogsee Puffies are all-natural and free of any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. They are a wholesome and nutritious treat for dogs because they are rich in calcium and protein.

The firm, dense texture of traditional yak chews may be too rough for some dogs to chew on, so these treats are a wonderful alternative for dogs who are prone to dental issues. Dogsee Puffies' lighter texture makes them simpler to chew and helps support canine dental and gum health.

3. How many Dogsee puffies should I give my dog ?

Answer: The quantity of Dogsee Puffies you should give your dog will vary according on their size, age, and nutritional requirements. It's crucial to remember that treats should only be given occasionally and as a part of a balanced diet because giving dogs too many can lead to weight gain and other health problems.

The majority of veterinarians concur that treats shouldn't account for more than 10% of your dog's daily caloric intake. It's crucial to read the instructions on the packaging and modify the number of treats you give your dog in accordance with them because the calorie content of Dogsee Puffies might vary based on the size and kind of treat.

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