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Why is Walking Important for your Dog?


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April 13, 2023 | Training & Behaviour

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Walking Important for your Dog

Imagine a dog running or walking around in your yard or a park, happily wagging its tail - did that vision not instantly bring a smile to your face?

Being a parent to an active dog comes with tremendous joy, and a fair share of responsibilities - one of them being daily dog walks.

To your pooches, walks are like their fun bonding activity with you. Plus, it helps them exercise their instinct to stay active.

Taking your dog for a stroll regularly can contribute significantly to their happy and healthy life. Not to mention, it allows them time to socialize with their clan members as well.

Read on to know about the importance of walking your dog.

The importance of walking your dog

When your dog can get substantial exercise just from running in the yard, why take them for a walk?

Truth be told - daily dog walks can offer so much more than just physical exercise to your pooch!

Walking your dog every day can be an integral part of dog behavior training.

Let's dive into the reasons why daily dog strolls are a must:

1. Cuts Down on Behavioural Issues

Dogs can become aggressive or exhibit behaviours like excessive chewing, and barking when trapped indoors all day long. Try engaging your dog with a dental chew - if he has a massive chewing tendency, these chew sticks can help keep dental plaque away.

Large Bars: Long-Lasting Dental Chews For Large Dogs

Sitting and lazing around the house every single day can make us humans depressed or agitated at trivial things. It’s the same with dogs.

Dogs by their very nature are active. The lack of an outlet to release all the pent-up energy can make them irritated, leading to behavourial problems.

Boredom is a big no for your pups - it can result in destructive behaviour.

You must look for ways to keep your pups entertained, and a pleasant walk outside can help with that.

2. Keeps anti-social Tendencies at Bay

walking with dog

Keeping dogs inside the house all day can make them lethargic, and worse, anti-social.

The peak time for socialization is when your dog is a pup. However, it is crucial to keep up the social skills of your pet. Daily dog walks can help with that.

Going out regularly gives your pooches an opportunity to encounter different situations, and people and mingle with other doggos.

Taking the same walking trail over and over can again become mundane.

Try changing the route or walking in a different park - give your dog a chance to experience varied people or check out a new pack.

3. Perfect Time to Test Training Results

Training your furry friend is super important. But, how can you be sure that they’ve picked up the new skill properly?

When you take your pooch out for a walk, he or she gets exposed to new smells, noises, and other distractions. This ambiance calls for a perfect time to practice a new skill or a trick.

From ensuring that he comes to you when called to following training commands like “kneel”, you can reward them with dog training treats.

Puffies: Bite-Sized Dog Training Treats

4. Helps stay in Shape & Good Health

We all know how our furry mates tend to become obese quickly due to the lack of exercise.

Obesity in dogs can lead to osteoarthritis, insulin resistance, liver, and cardiovascular diseases, to name a few.

Daily walks can help your overweight dog shed a few extra pounds, prevent obesity and keep their muscle & joint health in top condition.

This practice promotes your doggo’s heart & urinary health. Daily walks also help regulate their digestive tract.

5. Improves Adaptability

A dog who is always kept indoors often exhibits resistance to change - they become less adaptive.

Talking dogs out for regular walks is crucial to their learning process.

If they don’t get a chance to explore or discover new sounds or smells, they won’t be able to distinguish between varied smells.

As a result, your doggo might refuse to visit any environment he isn’t familiar with.

6. Pawsitive Mental Stimulation

Did you know? Apart from helping their physical health, there are mental benefits of walking your dog too.

dog foraging forest

A daily dose of mental stimulation is the secret ingredient to a happy and healthy dog.

Woofing at fellow dogs, following a new scent to discover new nooks and corners, or walking with you on a challenging trail - these can be a healthy mental workout for your canine BFF.

You must have seen how busy your pooch gets while walking!

Walks are the only time for them to discover and explore the neighborhood.

Pro Tip: Allow them “sniff breaks” for that extra mental enrichment.

7. The Trail to a Stronger Bond

Dogs have a pack mentality & being trapped indoors can make your pup pretty lonely.

Try religiously going for a morning walk with your dog, or take him for an evening stroll. It helps alleviate loneliness.

At the same time, regular walks also make your bond stronger with your pooch. Trust building is core to the bonding process.

Moreover, spending quality time through an enjoyable activity like walking can be highly rewarding for you both.

This trust-building exercise can soon convert into their confidence to socialize more.

If you are looking for more tips to strengthen the bond between you and your pet, check out our blog post on building a strong bond with your dog.

dog adoption

8. Boosts Confidence

Structure, routine & stability makes things predictable - something that dogs thrive on.

Specifically, if your furry friend is shy, creating a daily routine is perhaps one of the best forms of dog care you can offer.

You can include interactive playtime and daily dog walks as fun activities in the routine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I make dog walks more refreshing & fun?

Answer: Do not rush their potty or pee breaks. Dogs have a tendency to use bathroom breaks to mark their surroundings. These breaks add to your dog’s mental fulfillment. 

Also, be sure to find the right leash (one that prevents damage to your pup's throat) if you’re going for leash training.

2. Why can’t I just let him out in my big yard instead?

Answer: It doesn’t matter how big a yard you have. The objective of regular dog walks is to give your dogs exposure to the world around them. Daily walks can boost their physical and mental health and allow them to socialize better.

3. Do I need to change my dog walking route?

Answer: Yes, you must alter the route to introduce your dog to varied environments with new sounds and scents. But, don’t go on new trails every day, because dogs also feel at ease with routines, and the same trails provide that.

Let them put their best paw forward!

dog looking map

At times, if you fail to take time out of your busy schedules, you can always reach out to professional dog walkers.

No matter what, daily dog walks should not be skipped - now that you know all the benefits your furry friend can gain from this routine.

But, engaging in this daily activity with your dog will obviously strengthen the relationship between you two. These walks can be fruitful for the mental & physical health of both you and your pet.

At Dogsee, we curate the best dog treats, made from yak cheese, fruits, and vegetables. They are ideal for rewarding your pooches instantly when you are out on walks. Our delicious & refreshing dog training treats are a popular choice among pet parents, worldwide.

So, the next time you go out for a walk, remember that it is also an opportunity for dog training.

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See you soon on our next blog!

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