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Himalayan Dog Treats: A Healthy and Nutritious Option for Your Dog!


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October 07, 2022 | Nutrition

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Himalayan Dog Treat

Himalayan dog treats are healthy treats that will please any dog, regardless of age, breed, size, or taste preference. Himalayan Dog Chew Sticks have numerous benefits for dogs, some obvious and some unexpected. Himalayan cheese dog treats from Dogsee are completely natural dog treats that contain no preservatives or gluten. These one-of-a-kind Himalayan dog treats, known as Crunchies, are made with Himalayan cheese.

No chemicals or preservatives are present in Dogsee Himalayan cheese treats. And since it is smoke dried, dogs love the smoky flavour in the treats.

Himalayan cheese is thought to be the best dog chew for good dental health and aids in maintaining high energy levels. Finding companies that produce dog treats made entirely of natural ingredients is difficult.

You should be aware of all the advantages of Himalayan dog chew before you buy any, including the fact that it is naturally nutritious and easy to digest.

5 reasons why Himalayan cheese dog treats are the best for your dog!

High In Protein & Calcium

Calcium is required for the formation and maintenance of a dog's skeleton, teeth, heart, and optimum hormonal processes, as well as the regulation of the nervous system and blood coagulation. Proteins are required for tissue growth and repair. These essential nutrients are present in Himalayan Soft Dog Chews for medium and small dogs. These dog chew sticks are made of the purest Himalayan Cheese that is sourced from the animals that live in the foothills of the Himalayas.


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Himalayan Chews have the advantage of being quite long-lasting. Dogs enjoy chewing, and these long-lasting chew sticks for dogs let them get immersed in it and stay entertained for long hours. They will put even the most aggressive chewers to test, unlike many 'blink-and-you'll-miss-it' treats.

High Quality 

Himalayan chews are authentic, high-quality goods made in the foothills of the Himalayas with the best ingredients possible under ideal climatic conditions. It is packed with nutrients. Himalayan cheese Chews are known to benefit your dog's immune system and digestive system. The health of your dog greatly depends on what you feed them.


We frequently overlook how different dogs' stomachs react to various diets. Our cheese dog treats are grain-free and gluten-free, with simple natural ingredients that are great for dogs.

Check out this blog post: The Advantages of Eliminating Gluten With Gluten-Free Dog Treats.

Improved Dental Health

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Knowing that you can make your dog happy and that the correct chew treats can give your dog hours of fun and safe chewing activity is a great feeling. Your dog's enjoyment of its Himalayan Chew will also be quite evident. This dog treat is well-liked by both dog owners and vets because it promotes proper oral hygiene while removing plaque and tartar. By cleaning the nooks and crannies around your dog's teeth, Himalayan dog treats can benefit your dog's teeth as they get older and it also improves their breath. Dogsee Puffies are the perfect Himalayan dog chew for senior dogs.

Tasty Himalayan Treats!

We’ve found some amazing options you can choose from for your doggy! Right from training treats to all-day snacks, Dogsee has all you need to keep your dog happy! Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

It has all you need to keep your dog happy! Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

Himalayan Puffed Bars!

Bite-Sized Dog Training Treats

If your dog enjoys cheese, this treat is ideal for them! When it comes to buying healthy treats for your dog, we at Dogsee completely understand your frustration. Dogsee’s Puffed Bars: Soft Dental Treats for Senior Dogs are the best dog snacks for older dogs because they are easy to chew and digest. To achieve a rich flavour and texture, the finest cheese from the Himalayas is smoked and sun-dried.

Himalayan dog treats are made of high quality Himalayan cheese. Wondering how these treats would help your doggo? The key benefits are:

  • a texture that aids in removing plaque and tartar build-up

  • Freshen breath

  • Helps and improves digestion

When it comes to their nutritional composition these Himalayan cheese dog treats contain

  • Moisture: Max 10%

  • Fibre: Min 5.9%

  • Crude Protein: Min 59.2%

  • Crude Fat: Min 5.2%

Himalayan Puffies Treats 

Puffies: Bite-Sized Dog Treats are the best Himalayan dog treats for puppies. These dog treats will make your pups' training sessions more enjoyable and rewarding. With one of Dogsee’s top dog treats, you can ensure that your dogs' nutritional needs are met. The finest Himalayan cheese is sourced, smoked, and sun-dried for incredible texture and flavour. Because they are bite-sized, they make for a stress-free training session.

Here’s how they help:

  • It’s High in protein 

  • It helps in providing energy.

  • It helps manage weight (Low fat) 

  • Perfect size for a dog training treat

When it comes to the Himalayan dog treats nutritional composition they contain

  • Moisture: Max 10%

  • Fibre: Min 5.9%

  • Crude Protein: Min 59.2%

  • Crude Fat: Min 5.2%

Himalayan Chew Bars

A nutrient-rich treat suitable for dogs of all sizes, these turmeric bars are exactly what your dog requires to keep their teeth in good condition. These bars contain Tumeric, which relieves joint discomfort and strengthens your dog's immune system, making them the ideal healthy dog treat. 

These Himalayan dog treat bars can play a major role in your dog’s health and vanity.

  • Rich in the therapeutic properties of Turmeric.

  • Lasts a long time keeping your dog engaged.

  • The rich cheesy flavour keeps your dog’s breath fresh.

Check out little Sweven enjoying his delicious Himalayan dog chew bar on our Instagram!

Frequently Asked Questions about Himalayan Treats for Dogs:

1- How long should I let my dog chew on a yak chew?

Answer: Your doggo can enjoy their yummy yak cheese dog treats for as long as they want. If they’re biting off big bites you can limit them to 1/3rd of a chew bar per day. If you're looking to buy Himalayan cheese treats for your dog ensure you get the best brand of a Himalayan dog chew.

2- At what age can puppies have a long-lasting chew?

Answer: Your puppy can have a long-lasting chew at any age. If you're looking to buy long-lasting chews for your puppy check out our soft dental chews that have soft edges and are puppy safe!

3- Are Himalayan cheese dog chews safe?

Answer: Himalayan cheese chews are not only safe but beneficial to your dog's health. If you’re planning to buy Himalayan dog chew make sure you get the most natural and unprocessed chews. 

4- What dog treats do vets recommend?

Answer: Vets usually recommend getting natural ingredient treats. Chemicals and preservatives are not safe for humans, why would we want to give them to our furry babies? If you’re hoping to buy the best natural dog treats, then buy these Himalayan Cheese treats.

Keep a count on the treats

Himalayan treats should make up 5% - 10% of your dog's daily diet or less. The number of treats for dogs varies according to their weight and activity level. If you must use treats frequently for training, make sure to use the healthiest Himalayan dog treats. Dogs typically get their daily nutrient requirements from healthy dog treats. Make sure your dog gets the best puppy snacks and dog chews.

Some parents will even shop for the most natural, unprocessed dog treats that are size appropriate. These treats are not only safe for dogs but also very healthy! If you're looking for healthy dog treats, Dogsee is here for you!

Make certain that your dog receives only the best dog treats and foods. Each dog's eating time and quantity may differ. Your dog's feeding needs may change if she is pregnant or nursing, as she will become more energetic.

The temperature is either extremely hot or extremely cold.

Your dog is in the process of recovering from an infection or surgery.

Before giving them more food, make sure they aren't just looking for attention and love. Serve that instead if that is the case.

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