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How to be an Eco-Friendly Pet Parent


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September 06, 2021 | Parenting

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How to be an Eco-Friendly Pet Parent

Humans have been actively contributing to the destruction of our environment. Having said that, animals too have an indirect role in adding to the process that could harm our ecosystem.

Therefore , if you wish to be an active contributor to the greater good of our planet in more ways than one, you should definitely consider turning into an eco-friendly pet parent and reduce the negative environmental impacts of pets and turn to more sustainable options that can be advantageous both to your pet and the environment.

Let’s look at how you can adapt to better sustainable pet parenthood and switch to better options as an eco-friendly pet parent

1)   Choose Eco-dog treats:

sustainable pet products

This can be a great way to begin your sustainable pet parenthood journey. Choosing to pick pure eco dog treats can be beneficial to your dog’s health as well as the environment. Commercial dog food that contains meat and other animal products are highly processed in huge manufacturing plants which lead to emission of gases that are harmful to the environment. Choose pure eco dog foods that are derived from sustainable  products and that are not heavily processed.

2)   A big NO to plastic:

environmental impact of pets

The use of plastic products for packaging has caused enough damage to the environment and might take a 1000 years to decompose as it contains non-renewable and harmful petrochemicals. Most of these products are thrown into the sea and this has a drastic effect on marine life. You can use paper as the best alternative when you are trying to pick up your dog’s poop or clean any of their left-over food. You can also opt for brands that use biodegradable food packaging produ that can easily break down and return to nature in a very short period of time when it is disposed of.

3)   Toys that are biodegradable:

Yes, you can find eco-friendly dog toys that are made of natural materials and that are fully biodegradable. There are many materials that are quick to get absorbed back into the soil when it decomposes. For ex: Hemp is a strong and naturally occurring fibre derived from its plant which are used to make eco-friendly dog toys. There are many sustainable pet products that can be chosen instead of the ones that are made of plastic or other industrial fibre. If your dog loves chew-toys, you could also opt for healthy eco dog treats that are chewable and are made of pure Himalayan Yak cheese that taste great and are also a healthy source of proteins and calcium.

4)   Use cleaning material that is organic:

sustainable pet ownership

This is another effective step you can take as an eco-friendly pet parent. You could switch to products that are made from natural ingredients and not packed with toxic chemicals. Some of the disinfectants can contain toxic chemicals that cause high irritability to your pet when they inhale it.  Our furry friends are particularly sensitive to toxins around our house that come from cleaning products we use on carpets and floors. By turning to more sustainable products , you are also preventing the toxins from being washed off into the water which further flows into septic tanks and wastewater treatment plants. If you suspect that your dog has any kind of allergy, you can read more about different reasons that can cause allergies and skin irritation.


These are some simple ways in which you can reduce the carbon footprint of your pet for a good cause like nature and planet conservation and also take on the responsibility of contributing to the safety of the environment. Like the saying goes, “It takes a single step to begin a whole new journey”. Therefore, it is a great idea to turn into an eco-friendly pet parent and reduce the environmental impact of pets and provide a cleaner and safer environment, not just to your pets, but to your family too.

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