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10 Common Household Items That Are Dangerous For Dogs


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January 20, 2022 | Parenting

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Household Items That Are Dangerous For Dogs

Having a pet around your house is just like taking care of a baby. You need to baby-proof each and every corner of your house. Growing puppies have a big appetite and they are required to be fed dog snacks for acquiring energy. But in the case of your pet, there are several items that can be life-threatening for them while being harmless for humans.

Take a look at these commonly found household items that should be put away and be far from the reach of your pooch.

1. Chocolate and Coffee

Who isn’t fond of chocolate and addicted to coffee? They are a staple indulgence in every household. But did you know that the presence of theobromine and caffeine has proven toxic to dogs? Due to your pet’s inability to metabolize them, consumption of these products can lead to various health conditions ranging from an upset stomach or diarrhea to seizures or heart attacks depending on the intake.

Make it a point to feed your pet partner with dog chew sticks while you take care of your sweet tooth.

2. Grapes

When your pet is just like your own child, it’s quite tempting to share every single treat you snack on with your pet. Let that not be the case when you munch on grapes, as it can be lethal to your dog. Grapes and raisins contain a toxic agent in them, and their consumption has even led to renal failure. Your pet should be brought to a vet’s attention if at all he is exposed to grapes.

We are pretty sure that your dog won’t mind you relishing them if you provide him with yummy dog snacks from Dogsee Chew.

3. Pesticides

Pests have always been a problem for both humans and dogs. Pesticides, however, are an even bigger problem as their inhalation can adversely affect the central nervous system. Always keep an eye on your pet and make sure they are away from areas sprayed with pesticides. Be very careful how you apply and store any poisons around your home.

4. Plants

Your dog might find it really joyful to roll over the garden and play on the grass. It is critical that you keep them away from vegetation because certain plants, such as daffodil, tulip, Azalea, Amaryllis, Oleander, Dieffenbachia, and Sago Palm, are extremely poisonous to them. If you are fond of plants and growing flora, do a little research and opt for a safe garden for your pooch.

5. Raw Meat

It’s a common misconception that raw meat provides a nutritionally well-balanced diet for dogs. But in reality, dogs aren’t wolves and they are more domesticated, which means their canines can be meat-free. Moreover, raw and undercooked meat is host to various bacteria and can also be contaminated. Dogsee Chew is home to the best dog treats, which are completely vegetarian and 100% natural with the goodness of all the essential nutrients.

They also have the best dog chew sticks, which will make them totally forget about meat.

6. Onion

Onions contain a chemical called N-propyl disulfide which when in contact with a dog’s body interferes with the activity of the red blood cells and causes oxidative damage putting your pet’s life at high risk.

Any member of the onion and allium family poses such threats and also causes anemia in your pets.

7. Household Cleaners

Even though ammonia and bleach might help to keep your house squeaky clean, they are proven to be highly toxic for both humans and dogs. It’s very important to keep these liquids away from your dog’s reach as their odor can be really tempting to them and any kind of contact or inhalation can disrupt your pet’s health.

8. Formaldehyde

There is a high presence of formaldehyde emissions in newly pressed wood furniture, drapery, and upholstery, which might make your furniture look classy, but when you visualize your chew-obsessed pet around them, it surely won’t remain appealing to your pet’s health. Formaldehyde can cause cancer and respiratory damage.

So it’s highly recommended to get your dog the delicious dog chew sticks by Dogsee Chew which will keep their gums and teeth healthy and would give the nutrition your dog needs.

9. Petroleum jelly

Vaseline and cosmetics are essential for every house, but make it a point to store them somewhere high and away from your dog’s reach.

Your pet might get tempted by its texture and they might end up licking and eating them up, which can deteriorate your pet’s health.

10. Batteries

Batteries might help charge up your electronic gadgets, but not your pet’s system. For your dog’s safety, it’s best to hide those batteries filled with chemicals from your pooch, as once it reaches your pet’s paw, there’s no stopping them from swallowing them, which eventually causes choking.

It’s your duty as a dog parent to inspect your home and make sure the cabinets where you store all the above items are pet-proofed.

It is highly important to feed your dog all natural treats as they provide nutrition and energy. You can read more about why it’s important for your dog to consume all natural treats here.

Let your pet know to consume healthily by training them with the best dog treats.

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