15 Things That Can Make Life Easier For Elderly Dogs

There's something special about senior dogs. Perhaps it's their greying faces and wise, soulful eyes that tell a story — or the random moments of playfulness when they act like puppies again. The incredible bond we form with them is just as strong whether they've been with you their entire lives or are a recent addition to your family. While it can be difficult to see our dogs age and struggle, this is a time in their lives when they require our assistance the most.

Caring for an elderly dog requires time and patience. Here are a few things we can do to keep our senior dogs healthy, happy, and comfortable.

Dental Hygiene

Teeth decay and doggie gum disease can leave your pet in a lot of pain. Older dogs should have regular dental checkups with an experienced hygienist or veterinarian. Dogsee Chew has long lasting dental chews and Soft Dental Treats For Senior Dogs that can help your pooch fight plaque and tartar.


Exercise is a key component to prolonging your dog’s life. It lowers stress, increases endorphins, and balances mood and emotions. In addition to helping your dog maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass, keeping their cardiovascular system in shape and regular physical activity will also help keep them happy.

Healthy Weight

All aged dogs benefit from food that’s easier to digest, and many need you to reduce their caloric intake to maintain a healthy body weight. Elderly dogs need to be fed small portions of food at frequent intervals to live a healthy life. Dogsee Chew has a wide range of mini bite-sized treats in different flavours to offer, which will help your doggo remain in good shape.

Provide a Social Life

Dogs tend to lose their social life as they age. Bringing them to interact with other dogs will help them be active and lead a fun-filled life.

Take Him Out

Whether it's a stroll around the park or a ride through town, taking your dog outside will surely help to keep your pooch positive.

Practice Good Grooming

Regular grooming is important because they can develop more matting with less activity. Healthy nail length, hygienic body and surroundings are to be taken care of.

Keep Training Them

Training your dog, irrespective of age, keeps them active and helps them work on their minds as well as bodies.

Easy Commute Around the House

Old age might create a tough time for senior dogs to walk on wood and tiles, so laying rugs and mats around the house will help them commute easily without any accidents.

Regular Vet Checkups

It is important to schedule regular visits to the vet and create a game plan for your dog’s senior years. Monitor your dog’s actions and conduct routine check-ups.

Massage on a Daily Basis

The stress of growing old and weakened muscles can take a huge toll on your pet’s life. A relaxing massage can prove to be a great outlet for releasing all the piled-up worries. Just 10 minutes set apart daily for massages can invoke a sense of importance and happiness in your paw partner.

Take Care of its Vision

As your pet ages, it is most likely that their vision isn’t as clear as before. This might spike fear and anxiety in them. Guide and help them combat this change by making them rely on their strong sense of smell.

Show Some Love to Your Pet

Above all else, your senior dog needs your love. Love, patience, and understanding are the keys to his heart, and treating him with respect is a must. Your pet has done so much to enrich your life; it’s only right that he gets all the love when he needs it he most.

Consider Diapers and Pee Pads

Pets can become incontinent as they age and their bladders begin to weaken. Having to pee at such frequent intervals can create unwanted mental pressure for your dog. Use specially-designed diapers for dogs or place pee pads in the rooms they most commonly occupy.

Use an Orthopaedic Pet Bed

Dogs develop degenerative joint pain as they grow old. Placing orthopaedic beds in your pet shelter has proven to make an elderly dog’s life much simpler. Warming its bed with a fluffy blanket can help it feel cozy.

Follow these tips and make your pet’s golden years as easy as possible!

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