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15 Things That Can Make Life Easier for Elderly Dogs


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January 11, 2022 | Parenting

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15 Things That Can Make Life Easier for Elderly Dogs

Dogs are typically considered seniors at the age of 7, while larger dogs are typically considered seniors at the age of 5 or 6 years old, though this varies depending on the pet.

Senior dogs have unique personalities. Perhaps it's their graying faces and wise, soulful eyes, or the random moments of playfulness when they act like puppies again, that tell a story.

We form incredible bonds with them whether they've been with you their entire lives or are a recent addition to your family. While it can be difficult to see our dog's age and struggle, this is the time in their lives when they most need our help. Giving them natural dog treats also helps them during this old time.

These old pets of ours can face many challenges due to their age such as increased reaction to sounds, confusion, disorientation, decreased interaction with humans, increased irritability, decreased response to commands, and whatnot!

Thus caring for a senior dog is of at most importance and takes time and patience. 

Here are some tips for keeping our senior dogs healthy, happy, and comfortable in that phase of their lives….

Dental Hygiene

Dentally, senior dogs face a lot of problems and pains:

  • Teeth decay

  • Shrinking gums

  • Tartar Buildup

  • And doggie gum diseases can be excruciatingly painful for your pet.

Regular dental checkups with an experienced hygienist or veterinarian are recommended for older dogs. Dogsee Chew offers senior dog essentials to assist your dog in fighting plaque and tartar.


Exercise is essential for extending your dog's life. It reduces stress, boosts endorphins, and helps to balance mood and emotions.

In addition to helping your dog maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass, regular physical activity and keeping their cardiovascular system in shape will help keep them happy.

Some types of exercises senior dogs can follow are:

  • Walking - no matter how old they get, dogs still enjoy going for a walk. You may need to take a shorter route with frequent rest stops.

  • Swimming - If your dog enjoys being in the water, swimming can be a great exercise because it is gentler on sore joints. Remember to dry them off as soon as they get out of the water to prevent them from getting cold, and only let them swim if it is safe to do so. 

  • Scent Games - dogs will benefit from scent games as long as they have a good sense of smell. You can use it to give them delicious treats by Dogsee Chew, the best thing for senior dogs, to keep them in motion and fit!

Healthy Weight

Puffies: Bite-Sized Dog Training Treats

All senior dogs benefit from easier-to-digest food and may require you to reduce their caloric intake to maintain healthy body weight.

To live a healthy life, elderly dogs must be fed small portions of food at regular intervals.

Dogsee Chew offers a variety of mini bite-sized treats in a variety of flavors to keep your dog in good shape.

Provide a Social Life

Dogs are social animals. They may be unable to keep up with younger dogs and frequently become frustrated by puppy antics, but they will still enjoy seeing and hanging out with dogs their age with whom they get along, even if they do not end up playing…

Dogs tend to lose their social life as they age. Bringing them to interact with other dogs will help them be active and lead a fun-filled life.

Take Him Out

Happy Beagle

Even if their pace has slowed, your dog can still enjoy playing and taking them out. Some dogs never seem to lose their puppy spirit and will continue to go out with you. Even when they get older, you can still play their favorite outdoor game with them. Keep games low-key and gentle so they don't try to jump or twist for toys.

And whether it's a stroll around the park or a ride through town, taking your dog outside will surely help to keep your pooch positive.

Also with immunity booster products by Dogsee Chew, your dog will feel more energetic and in the puppy vibes!

Practice Good Grooming

Grooming is necessary regularly because they can develop more matting with less activity. Healthy nail length, as well as a clean body and surroundings, must be maintained.

Also, you use essential hygiene products by Dogsee Chew, to keep your senior dogs clean and healthy.

Keep Training Them

Even old dogs can learn new tricks. Training is an excellent way to keep the mind of an elderly dog active. They'll appreciate the extra chances to exercise their minds that act as senior dog essentials.

And also training your dog, irrespective of age, keep them active and helps them work on their minds as well as bodies.

Also, communication with them, in their old age can be easy, if you follow these steps.

Easy Commute Around the House

Tiles and wood flooring can be dangerous for our four-legged friends, especially if they aren't as steady on their feet as they once were!

Senior dogs may find it difficult to walk on wood and tiles as they age, so laying rugs and mats around the house will help them commute easily and safely.

Regular Vet Checkups

Inquire with your veterinarian about physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, or massage techniques that may be beneficial for the dog to maintain health in old age.

It is critical to schedule regular vet visits and develop a game plan for your dog's senior years. Monitor your dog's behavior and perform regular check-ups.

Massage Daily

happy woman with beach dog

The stress of aging and weakened muscles can have a significant impact on your pet's life.

A relaxing massage can be an excellent way to release all of your tension. Massages can instill a sense of importance and happiness in your paw partner in as little as 10 minutes per day.

Take Care of its Vision

As your pet ages, its vision will most likely become less clear. This may cause them to experience fear and anxiety.

Guide and assist them in coping with this change by forcing them to rely on their keen sense of smell.

Also, keep them busy and distracted with mind games and fun activities!

Show Some Love to Your Pet

Above all, your senior dog requires your love. Love, patience, and understanding are the keys to his heart, and he must be treated with respect.

Your pet has added so much to your life; it's only fair that he gets all the love he needs when he needs it the most.

Also to get more information about how to show love to your dogs, follow the link.

Consider Diapers and Pee Pads

As pets age and their bladders weaken, they may become incontinent.

Having to pee at such frequent intervals can put your dog under undue mental strain. Use specially designed dog diapers or place pee pads in the rooms they frequent.

Use an Orthopaedic Pet Bed

golden retriever relaxing

As dogs age, they develop degenerative joint pain. Placing orthopedic beds in your pet shelter has been shown to make the life of an elderly dog much easier.

Warming its bed with a fluffy blanket can make it feel more at ease.

Our senior dogs are always tired and hungry for our attention. The more we give them natural dog treats, the more at ease and content they will be.

Senior dogs, unlike our elderly parents, are a little fussy and act like a child, in this case, a puppy, but they are the ones who love us the most!!

Use these suggestions to make your pet's golden years as easy as possible!

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