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Are Pit Bulls Dangerous? 6 Ways to Train Pit Bull to Be a Good Family Pet


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April 20, 2022 | Training & Behaviour

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 Pit Bull Dog

We all know that Pit bulls have a bad reputation among big dogs. On one hand, Pit bulls, when properly bred and socialized, are exceptionally amiable and people-oriented dogs. Pit bulls, on the other hand, are not for everyone due to their high energy level and power. If you do decide that a pit bull is the right dog for you, you will discover that they are incredibly clever and ready to learn. They frequently excel at dog sports and obedience training. Pitbull training can be carried out easily if you have the right techniques and best dog treats in hand.

Unfortunately, the knowledge that most people have of pit bulls is based on news tales about aggressive pit bulls. This is one of the reasons that it's so important to put in the extra effort to train your pitbull.

6 Ways To Train an Aggressive Pit Bull

1. Start Socialising Your Puppy Early

Make socialisation a key priority if you have a young pitbull puppy or plan to get one soon. From a young age, your pitbull puppy must learn to feel comfortable around a range of people and settings. Training your Pitbull to obey children, men, women, and other animals should be prioritised. Allow your pet to become accustomed to being handled. Maintain a cheerful attitude and give your pitbull puppy time to adjust to new situations. The most crucial aspect of your puppy's training regimen is early socialisation.

2. Teach Your Pit Bull to Behave Properly With Other Dogs

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The first step in how to train a bulldog or a pit bull is by understanding their strength and vulnerability. Pit bulls are not always tolerant of other dogs due to their history of being bred as fighting dogs. By teaching your dog to focus on you in the company of other dogs, would be helpful. The "look" command is useful in this situation. Stay, come, and emergency recall are all useful instructions. While training a pitbull, take time to practice commands in a variety of locations and scenarios to guarantee that your dog will respond to them even if they are distracted by other canines. When you're in the park, your dog must respond to your commands just as well as they do in your living room.

3. Teach Through Advanced Training and Dog Sports

Pit bulls are usually full of energy and enjoy training. Many of them excel at advanced obedience and canine sports like agility and rally obedience. These games are a terrific way to have fun with your pitbull while also reinforcing excellent behaviour. Advanced obedience and dog sports also provide the ideal balance of exercise and mental stimulation that these active and bright dogs require. An aggressive pitbull will also change its behaviour slowly if exposed to other dogs in moderation. Training sports can be made more fun with the right and healthy training doggie treats!

4. Proofing the Problems

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Instead of reacting to the presence of another dog, a well-trained dog will take its cues from you. Consider consulting with a trainer if you're having problems keeping your aggressive pitbull from other dogs. Many training institutes provide classes to address this issue. The training given to pitbulls who are dangerous will aid the dog in venting out built-up aggression or disruptive energy.

5. Consider Canine Certification Courses

Taking your dog through a canine certification course would be a good way for him to start obedience training. These courses test your dogs' skills on various levels. To pass the test your pitbull must have some basic skills. The training your pitbull receives should enable them to walk through crowds, be comfortable while being petted by strangers, and not react aggressively to other dogs. As society often questions - “are Pit bulls dangerous?”, you can have the certification as proof that you have a well-behaving dog! Keep in mind that giving them yummy dog snacks at their graduation is very important!

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6. Use Positive Reinforcement to Train Your Pit Bull

Because of their muscular bulk and power, pit bulls do not often respond well to training. That includes leash corrections or other forms of punishment. Positive reinforcement strategies, such as clicker training or using training treats, are likely to produce greater results. The majority of pit bulls in training are eager to learn and would gladly work for a reward. Make sure you give your pitbull the best and healthiest treats. We at Dogsee Chew understand how important training sessions can be. This is why our dog training treats not just satisfies your doggos taste pallet but also increases their immunity and strength. Our training treats that are made from Himalayan Yak cheese helps to improve your dog's gut and helps them develop a lush coat! 


When it comes down to training, Pit bulls are no different from any other dog. The distinction stems from how pit bulls are viewed by the general public. Make sure you keep your pitbull happy by training them using healthy, natural, and delicious treats that also aid their health and development. The tastiest treats result in the most obedient and well-behaved dog. Take the time to train your pitbull, and you'll have a happy, healthy family member who is a true representative of the breed.

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