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Building a Strong Bond with your Dog: Importance, Benefits, and Ways


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March 02, 2023 | Parenting

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Building a Strong Bond with your Dog

Do you share an irreplaceable bond with your dog? Is it strong enough? What are the ways to deepen this dog-human bond? As pet parents, you undoubtedly often wonder about the answers to these questions.

Man’s own efforts can transform a dog from being just a dog to becoming man’s best friend.

Building a firm bond with your dog is a two-way street. In the process of understanding your beloved pet, you also get them to understand you. The key to that is bonding with your dog - using varied ways & techniques.

“A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, clever or dumb. Just give him your heart & it’ll give you his.”

This time, we’ll inform you about the importance of bonding with your dog, and what it can do for them and you. Also, read on to know how to establish & nurture that relationship consistently.

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Bonding with your dog is important!

Medical research, over the years, has shown that the choices for dog healthcare are almost as vast as that of humans. And, making these healthy decisions can foster this deep connection between pooches and their caretakers like yourself.

Now, why do dogs and their humans need to bond with each other?

The answer is simple and is certainly not for survival. The connection we build & nurture with the ones we love is the very reason why they stick around with us. So, even for a dog-human relationship, we must establish a bond that unites the two as a family.

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Here are a few dog bonding benefits

  • Betters your dog’s recall

  • Better command response (inspires him/her to learn new things)

  • Minimizes rage & aggression

  • Meets the nutritional needs

  • Culminates a sense of security, trust & safety among dogs

  • Dogs feel more confident in apparently scary circumstances, knowing that you are always there by their side. 

  • Ensures a happier life (for both pets & pet parents)

Note: Dogs are extremely forgiving by nature. However, if we continue to mess up and fail to gain their trust, they will also lose faith in us. Remember this each time you are tempted to leave your dog alone for the entire day, “punish” their bad behaviour, or even skip a dog routine walkie. 

What is the best way to bond with your dog?

Taking good care of your beloved pooches indicates that you're already bonding with them. But, improving that relationship will bring great benefits as mentioned above.

There is no single technique that can help you maintain a healthy relation with your dog.

Even though the list is non-exhaustive, here are a few dog bonding tips and techniques that you can implement in your daily routine:

1. Train Them

Training is an essential & mandatory part of nurturing the dog-human bond.

A trained dog tends to be more welcoming when trained.

You can opt for basic behavioral or obedience training or something more complex like trick training like roll-over, high-five, come-over, etc.

When they master the training, you can shower your pup with praise, love, and some well-earned and delicious Himalayan Training Treats. Meanwhile, you also establish a stronger connection between yourselves.

2. Take a walk or go for a run

Taking your pooch out for a walk is one of the best ways to release excess energy and maintain fitness - both for you & your dog.

This will give you both a chance to socialize and make friends in the process.

Exercising together in the outdoors is a fun routine as it gives your lovelies the time to pick up new smells and sights.

Dog Trainer Bounding with Dog

3. Learn & observe what they’re saying

We may not speak the same language, but our dogs communicate with us all the time through their body language. Even they have good days and bad, like us.

Learning how to read into them can immensely help you connect with your dog.  Knowing when your dog is stressing out (yawning), satisfied (relaxed ears), or excited (wiggling butt) can help you adjust your behavior to meet their needs.

It can also help reinforce trust and safety in the relationship.

4. Bond through grooming

A personal grooming session, like brushing, can not only help maintain your dog’s thick coat but also bring you two closer.

Show affection and encouragement while doing this, and your pooch will gradually love the experience & attention.

For extra care and relief from skin irritations, you can give them a bath with natural shampoos. You can also read about the tips to keep your dog’s hair healthy and shiny

5. Play with your Dog

A family that spends time playing together, stays together! Keep a dedicated playtime with your dog every day. Playing is hardwired in your dog’s DNA. 

Have fun playing hide & seek, running around, or creating special games to fulfill doggy instincts. You can also take him out for playdates, as a way of socializing.

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6. Enjoy dedicated cuddle time

Your furry friend deserves your undivided attention - be it training or enjoying some downtime. Create a dedicated cuddle to make them feel safe in your presence. 

Cuddling can simply mean chilling on the couch in front of the telly or petting him on the bed.

Cuddle time is a relaxing way to make your bond stronger. It also signals your dog that he/she is truly a major part of your pack.

7. Give them space at times

Do you think you’ve had enough years with your dog and there’s no new way to nurture your relationship further? At times, give them some alone time and space, while trying to strengthen your bond.

In case your dog wants to retreat to a quiet place, away from noisy house guests, make such a space in one corner. You can keep a Dogsee Play Treatoy in their bed to help them get into the mood for a nap.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How do dogs select their favourite human to bond with?

Answer: Dogs do this on the basis of shared social activities and positive reactions.

2. How long does it take to establish a strong bond with your dog?

Answer: Winning your dog’s trust is a matter of time, practice, and consistency. You can achieve this over a period of 2 weeks - 2 months. Up to 6 months old, puppies are at the peak of their socialization period.

3. What are the signs that tell you that your dog trusts you?

Answer: Six clear indications that your dog trusts you are - direct eye contact, cuddle visits, feeling relaxed and confident around you, being calm when you leave, responding well to training, and reaching out for guidance.

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Be mindful, the rest will fall in place!

Dogs & humans have the capability to deeply enrich each other lives. Like our dogs, we can also fill their days with health, happiness, and fulfillment. So, dog bonding benefits are plenty.

Being in an eternal state of puppyhood, pooches are dependent on their owners to meet their needs. So, on a certain level, even dogs try to bond with their caregivers, instinctively.

Be attentive and mindful of aspects that make your dog feel like an important part of your family and bring him closer to you.

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