Hard Dog Treats vs Soft Dog Treats

It’s not new or surprising that our little canines love treats. And, as pet parents, there might have been one too many times where you’ve succumbed to the puppy eyes and given your little one a treat. Treats are the token of love, and it’s your pups preferred ‘love language’ that makes them feel appreciated, and like they’ve done a good job. But there are a lot of treats out there that might make your shopping trip a bit more complex. You have to decide between healthy and unhealthy treats, all-natural or processed, hard vs soft treats. 

We know how hard and confusing it can be to walk down the pet aisle and feel overwhelmed. And, we’ve got the list that’ll put an end to your Battle of the Treats dilemma so you can feel confident in choosing the right treat for your pup next time you’re out shopping.