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Understanding the Importance of Hydration in Dogs


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August 22, 2023 | Parenting

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Importance of Hydration in Dogs

Water is undoubtedly the most essential element, not just for us but also for our furry companions.

“Did you know that a staggering 70% of a dog's body is composed of water?”

The importance of hydration in dogs cannot be overstated. As pet parents, it's absolutely essential to have a very clear understanding of this topic.

In this blog, we’ll be shedding light on the profound impact of hydration on your pet's well-being. We’ll also dive deep into the benefits of adequate water intake, the dangers posed by dehydration, and effective ways to ensure your canine friend stays happily hydrated.

Keep reading till the end to effectively keep a check on your dog's hydration!

The Importance of Hydration in Dogs

white dog drinking juice

Dogs losing their fluids over normal body functions like sweating, panting, etc. is common. But covering up the lost fluids is critically important.

Water indeed is important for various organs and body functions, but here are a few important benefits of Dog hydration:

  • Helps regulate body temperature: Dogs cannot sweat as much as humans, and that’s why if their body is dehydrated it can lead to overheating. It is water that helps in regulating body temperature by carrying heat away from the body's core.

  • Aids in digestion: If a dog is dehydrated it may experience constipation or will face difficulty in digesting food. That’s where hydration comes to the rescue by breaking down food and helping the body absorb the nutrients.

Thus water or water-rich real fruits & veggies treats like Dogsee Crunch help in digestion, keep weight in check and also help prevent constipation.

  • Lubricates Joints: Water helps reduce friction, pain, and stiffness in the joints by lubricating them. Hydration becomes very important for older dogs as they experience these joint issues more often.

  • Supports organ functioning: Like us, dogs’ organs such as kidneys, liver, and heart need proper hydration to function well, failure to hydrate will lead to organ damage and failure. 

Let’s look at what causes dehydration in dogs and a few signs of dehydrated doggo so that you are well aware of the ill effects and take the best care before it turns into something awful!

Why is dehydration a severe issue?

dog drinking water

When a dog remains inadequately hydrated over an extended period, it can result in dehydration, triggering a cascade of negative outcomes that ultimately impact the dog's holistic health and well-being.

Dangers of dehydration:

  • Dehydration leads to the loss of vital electrolytes, such as potassium, sodium, and chloride (Electrolytes are responsible to transport nutrients into cells throughout the body. They also help in nerve and muscle function)

  • Doggos lose the ability to regulate body temperature

  • Their body becomes prone to infections due to lower Immunity

  • In severe cases, it will lead to organ failure or trouble in the functioning of organs like kidneys, liver, and heart due to poor blood circulation

Signs of dehydration:

  • Reduced energy levels and lethargy

  • Sunken eyes

  • Dry nose

  • Excessive panting

  • Skin-related issues like dryness and itchiness 

  • Constipation & discomfort 

  • Sticky, dry gums

Hydration requirement in dogs (based on weight, weather & activity level)

1. Daily hydration based on weight:

Daily hydration based on weight

Tailoring hydration based on Dogs' weight help in striking the perfect balance. Larger dogs have more body mass, hence they require a higher volume of fluids to support their bodily functions.

On the other hand, smaller dogs due to their lesser body mass need lower fluid requirements comparatively.

Take a look at the infographic below to understand how much water your doggo will need based on their weight.

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2. Hydration during summer & monsoon season:

Summer calls for extra care when it comes to Doggo hydration. They lose their fluids majorly due to panting and sweating. Ensuring access to fresh water at all times is essential, let’s say you are traveling, do carry a portable water bottle or bowl to serve water, this will keep them hydrated.

During Monsoons dogs lose their fluids through panting, and higher humidity levels hinder their ability to naturally cool themselves, hence they resort to panting.

Rainy weather doesn't eliminate the need for hydration, always ensure your dog's water intake still matches its fluid output, even when it's not apparent.

3. Hydration requirements based on activity:

Be it regular walks, short runs, a game of fetch, swimming at the pool, or even leisurely strolls around the house, all this can result in fluid loss. Why? Because the normal body functions like panting, sweating and urination lessons the water content in the body.

Hence, a vigilant pawrent must keep in mind these various activities that can lead to fluid loss and ensure the pup stays hydrated.

Now let’s look at a few amazing ways to keep dogs hydrated.

5 Effective tips to keep your pup hydrated:

1. Fresh and clean bowls:

drinking beagle dog

Dogs could be picky at certain things. For instance, they might refuse to drink water from a bowl that’s unclean or if it contains stagnant water.

Hence always make sure your fur baby's bowl is clean and filled with fresh water. By doing so you are making water more appealing to them. Easy isn’t it?

2. Scheduled Drinking:

Talk about following routines, Doggos are the best. Training them right will ease your work in taking care of them in many ways.

Establish a routine for drinking by offering water at specific times, such as after walks, playtime, or meals. This practice will naturally enhance their water consumption, ultimately ensuring they remain well-hydrated.

3. Water-Rich Treats:

australian shepherd dog eats juicy fresh watermelon

Water-rich treats are indeed like healthy drinks for dogs. We recommend you try our freeze-dried, real-fruit, Dogsee Crunch Apple treat for your pup. 

With their water and protein-rich goodness coupled with flavourful tastes, they serve as a wholesome reward during training or a delightful mid-day munch.

These treats are indeed a tasty alternative rather than feeding Doggos with plain water.

4. Flavorful Infusions:

Woof! Drinking water becomes more interesting for some dogs when it’s infused with a hint of flavour. 

Try adding 2 to 3 tablespoons of low sodium Chicken broth to the water bowl. And if your Dog is vegan try adding vegetable broth or peanut butter (in moderation & dog-safe) which is also a good option.

Such flavourful additions make them run back for more water because of its enticing taste.

5. Strategic Placement of Bowls:

cute dog eating home

To encourage dogs' water consumption, it's a wise thing to place water bowls in areas where they spend most of their time.

This can be near their food area, bed, or favorite lounging spot. Proximity makes hydration convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Can dogs drink too much water?

Answer: While it is rare, excessive water intake can lead to a condition called water intoxication, or hyponatremia which dilutes essential electrolytes. This can happen if a dog drinks too much water in a short period. Hence monitor doggos' water intake and consult a vet if concerned.

2. Can certain health conditions affect my dog's hydration needs?

Answer: Yes, certain diseases like the ones listed below will lead to increased thirst or excessive urination which can affect dogs' hydration needs. 

  • Kidney disease

  • Diabetes

  • Hyperthyroidism

  • Cancer

  • Obesity

3. Do different breeds have different hydration needs?

Answer: Yes, different breeds of dogs have different hydration needs. Larger breeds of dogs generally need more water due to their higher body mass and also they have more cells and tissues that need to be hydrated.

Do check the beginning portion of this blog. We’ve covered in detail how much water your doggo needs based on their weight.

Wrapping up:

We at Dogsee, firmly believe that love for Doggos doesn’t always mean a pat on the back and just cuddles. It comes with being understanding of their physical and mental needs always.

Hydration plays a very important role in doggos’ overall health, if not taken care of, it will result in several health issues and might become life-threatening.

Following the tips provided in this blog and valuable suggestions by your Vet greatly helps you to level up your doggos’ hydration game.

Thanks for making it to the end of the blog. We appreciate that!

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Team Dogsee

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