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What are Long-Lasting Dog Chews and Why Does My Dog Need Them?


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April 27, 2022 | Parenting

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Long-Lasting Dog Chews and Why Does My Dog Need Them

Chewing is the favourite pastime of every dog. Although some dogs, much like babies, believe anything that fits in their mouth to be food. While looking for the finest dog chews, it is important to keep in mind the health and well-being of your dog. Many dogs are voracious chewers, making it nearly impossible to locate a chew that will keep your dog occupied for an extended period. Dog chew sticks serve a variety of objectives, including dental health, keeping your dog occupied while chewing, and providing natural minerals for bone and joint health. Keep in mind that all chews have a risk of choking or obstruction, so keep an eye on your pet while they are enjoying one.

What is a Natural Dog Chew ?

Dogs have a natural desire to chew, so providing them with a natural and safe alternative to some of the more risky objects they munch on, would help them greatly. Natural dog chew sticks are usually made from dairy and plant-based materials and are delicious. Many ingredients can be dehydrated, or freeze-dried. A natural dog chew stick must be large enough or durable enough to keep your dog chewing for an extended time. Your dog has specific requirements and preferences, so you'll need to figure out which dog chew sticks are best for him.

5 Health Benefits of Natural Dog Chew Sticks

Natural dog chews may be beneficial to their health in ways you didn't realise. Let's go through the key advantages of natural dog chew sticks:

1. Dental

Wild dogs and wolves used to clean their teeth by chewing stems. Diet, environmental factors, and lifestyle all contribute to increased dental care requirements in domesticated pets.

Dental sticks for dogs play an important role in helping your dog achieve good dental health. It reaches every edge and corner to clean out any impurities when your dogs are chewing on them. This helps by preventing the buildup of plaque and tartar. Dental sticks for dogs and natural dog chew sticks also play an important role in improving your dog's digestive health.

2. Boredom

An under-stimulated dog may destroy furniture, dig, become aggressive, or have poor eating habits. Natural dog chew sticks and puppy chew sticks are a great way to keep your dog entertained, content and safe. Look for long-lasting puppy chew sticks to keep your dog occupied. Keep in mind that natural dog chew sticks aren't a substitute for regular exercise or one-on-one attention.

3. Anxiety

Anxiety can lead to self-destructive behaviour. Separation anxiety is a widespread affliction. This is most common when a dog is afraid of being left alone. Giving your dog a natural dog chew stick might provide a welcome break from the mundane rituals that can cause anxiety.  Anxiety in some dogs begins when they notice you leaving frequently. Putting on shoes, searching for keys, and packing a bag are all behaviours that your dog equates with being left alone. By distracting them with healthy dog chew sticks, your doggo will learn to feel more at ease when left alone. This won't eliminate separation anxiety, but it's a good start toward lowering destructive behaviours and getting your dog used to being alone.

4. Joint and Hip Care

Hip and joint problems are often unavoidable in older pets and even larger breeds, but they can be addressed to avoid pain and mobility issues. Giving your dog some healthy dog chew sticks can help protect their joints and connective tissues, reducing the severity and preventing age- or size-related mobility issues. Your dog's natural collagen will degenerate or weaken with time. Because collagen is the primary structural component of tendons, ligaments, and cartilage, feeding calcium sticks to dogs can aid in the replenishment of vital connective tissues.

5. Nutrition

Protein, fat, and minerals are all present in many chews. Natural calcium sticks for dogs can be a great way to add calcium to your dog's diet. While dog chew sticks can’t replace a well-balanced diet, a variety of chews can supplement your dog's nutritional requirements. Nutritional calcium sticks for dogs typically have a high protein content while being low in fat. They can help your older pets gain and retain muscle by adding calories to their diet. Calcium, for example, can be obtained through Dogsee's natural Himalayan hard chew bars. These hard chew bars are a popular long-lasting chew for dogs that are both tasty and nutritious. While no dog chew can replace a well-balanced diet, a variety of dog chew sticks can supplement your dog's nutritional requirements.


Each dog chew stick will be a unique experience if you offer a variety of chews like Dogsee Chew’s Turmeric bars, or puffy bars. This allows them to chew for extended periods while also exercising different portions of their mouth and jaw. It is usually more enjoyable to try something new. When your dog is enthusiastic about chewing, it is more successful in eliminating boredom and anxiety. It must be more enticing than the detrimental behaviour you are attempting to avoid.

It's easier than you might think to boost your dog's health by using natural, safe dog chews. Learn about “Cheese for dogs: Can Dogs Eat Cheese?" and the "Benefits of Himalayan Yak milk chews for dogs". Keep reading to find out which dog chew can help your pet. Start testing out some chew sticks now that you know how to look for the best natural chews for your dog!

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