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Which dog is the best for your home? Read this to find out!


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February 10, 2022 | Parenting

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best dog for home

If you are considering adopting and you are having a tough time understanding what dog breeds are best for your home, take a look at these family-friendly dogs. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.


Labradors are one of the best family dogs. When properly cared for by his or her owner, this playful and happy companion is very friendly. Labradors require daily exercise outside of the home and would benefit greatly from a daily walk around the neighborhood. When they're at home, they enjoy lounging, napping on the couch, and spending quiet time alone, chewing on Hard Bars. Labrador retrievers are a quiet and intelligent breed that gets along well with children and other animals.



Poodles are extremely intelligent, have a lot of energy for playing with children, and are generally kind and well-mannered when given enough entertainment. They're the best dog breeds for allergy-prone families, as they're considered hypoallergenic dogs due to their low shedding.

Golden Retriever

As one of the most popular dog breeds, golden retrievers are very friendly, tolerant, and highly intelligent. They are really good athletes and are commonly used by law enforcement for retrieving contraband. They are full of energy and enjoy playing with children. They have even been known to follow them around, patiently awaiting the next opportunity to play.



Pugs are extremely easy to look after as a little bit of a brisk walk will have them dozing off in no time. They are extremely intelligent, which means that training will be a breeze because they learn quickly. While they are known for being a little mischievous, their adorable facial expressions and calm temperament make this the ideal breed for your home. Always keep an eye on their diet as they tend to become obese. Offer them some treats like Dogsee Chew puffies which will help with weight management.

Boston Terrier

An energetic and social dog—that’s what best describes a Boston Terrier. They are small and affectionate in nature, which makes them the perfect choice for a great family pet and companion. They are really fond of children and have proven to be great companions for the elderly.



Known for its reputation for being a barkless dog, the Basenji is a finicky dog with cat-like behavior. You don't have to worry about sweeping your house all the time as basenjis don't shed very much. They are light-footed, easy to train, and a convenient size. They tend to make a grunting sound, which will put you in a fit of laughter.

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are extremely cute, friendly, and easy to care for. They are adaptable to any sort of environment and don’t need a lot of exercise. They love to be around their humans, and they can be easily trained using fun activities. If you value cleanliness, the French Bulldog may not be the right dog for you because he is prone to drooling, flatulence, and shedding.



Rottweiler is well-known to be a guard dog, with extreme confidence and intelligence. With their protection, you don't have to worry about troublesome trespassers. They require a proper training routine in order to build social skills. Rottweilers enjoy working and will gladly compete in almost any dog sport, from obedience to herding and weight pulling.


The breeds listed above are the most frequently recommended answers to the question of which dog is best for home and coping with family life, but you must also play a role. To begin with, one should consider adopting a dog from a rescue center (or purchasing a dog from a reputable breeder) and then socialization and training will go a long way toward ensuring you have a wonderful family dog.

It’s not just your dog that requires training, but your family members too. Make them aware of dog behavior and also respect and be kind to them.

Dogs will make your life so much better. Also, learn how owning a dog will improve your health.

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