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Working Dog Parents: Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained Always


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January 30, 2022 | Parenting

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Spending time with our pets is something we wish we could do all day, every day. But duty calls, and as pet parents, we have a lot of real-world responsibilities like paying bills and going to work.  Don't get overwhelmed as we have the perfect solution to how to keep your dog occupied when home alone.

Provide a Safe and Happy Environment

It’s worrisome to leave your dogs at home while having to be away for work, unless you have arranged a proper doggo-proofed zone at your home, preferably with a  provision for your dog’s own room. It’s important to keep things that can probably be of harm far away from your pet’s reach. Make your dog’s room cozy by providing a comfortable mattress and blankets.

Also, let them have access to the backyard without compromising their safety.

Turn on the TV or Radio

Let your pet tune into its favorite TV show or music while you’re away. There are various TV shows in the stimulation category that will encourage your dog to stay active. Relaxing and calming music with videos of waterfalls, ocean waves, and more helps calm dogs that have high levels of anxiety. Moreover, it helps them get rid of the feeling of loneliness.

Make time for an early morning workout

It’s important for both you and your pet to start a fresh day with some activity. Setting aside time for walking your dog will help you bond with your pet and create a close-knit relationship with them in spite of having a tight work schedule. You could also play tug or fetch if you don't have enough time for a walk.

Always remember that a tired dog is a happy dog, and an active morning will pave the way for a calmer day!

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Set up a playdate

Your dog’s social life is incredibly important for their development. When cooped up in the house with no socialization with other dogs, they may become uneasy around other dogs when introduced. Incorporating playdates into your dog’s life will help them develop good behavior skills around other dogs and even humans. Reach out to a familiar pet parent and have them over to make sure both dogs get along before leaving them unsupervised together.

If this works, they can help entertain your dog and expend energy playing with each other while you are away working hard.

Plan a treasure hunt for your dog’s chew treats

Munching on dog chew treats and sniffing around are probably two of your pet's favorite hobbies. Set up a scavenger hunt for your dogs at home by placing Dogsee Chew’s best dog treats in different places. Let your pooch activate his sniff mode and find them on their own. This will surely pay off and help get your pooch excited as well as occupied.

Let your dog have access to a window

Dogs at home love to have live entertainment.Open the curtains or blinds on a back window in your home so that your pooch can watch whatever is going on outside your back door.

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Arrange a comfy chair that gives him the height he needs to see out the window, and let him watch the world go round. If you’re nervous about your dog reacting to something he sees, start him off with a window facing a quiet side of the yard or neighborhood. Always remember to keep the window closed!

Set up an interactive webcam

Even though you are physically at work, your mind will be with your beloved pet. Thanks to technology, you can get rid of your worries and check in on your little ones during the day. For the best experience, find a camera that allows you to talk to your dog through a speaker. You can chime in to tell them how wonderful they are or distract them when they are about to do something naughty. This way , your dog never feels lost or alone.

Entertain your dog with puzzle toys

Treat your dog to the mental stimulation they need for a happy and healthy lifestyle. There are loads of interactive dog toys on the market that will keep your dog occupied for hours. Dog puzzle games provide mental and physical exercise, decrease anxiety and boredom, increase problem-solving skills, and release pent-up energy.

Being a pet parent comes with a never-ending supply of guilt.Try to cut yourself a little slack and remember that, in the right environment, dogs are perfectly happy to spend some time alone during the day while chomping on Dogsee Chew’s best dog treats.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you learn how to keep a dog occupied when home alone.

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